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RED - Gold Streets

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RED - Gold Streets
on Jan 21, 2010 at 3:16:40 am
United States
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With their latest EP release, Brooklyn's indie rock powerhouse Gold Streets have premiered their first music video. Shot over 3 days in Brooklyn and Upstate New York, Red illuminates the bands melanch [more]
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Good song
by Jim Hines
Not crazy about the cut - and some of the scenarios -for instance @1:35 - 1:40 seems very self concious and and the stark high contrast grade was a bit jarring like a jump cut is jarring - I like the motel setting - just that cold stare walking - there - and in a couple of other instances reminded me I was watching a video for a moment - Love the performance stuff - favorite shot @1:28 - the video started with a nice build but the shot selection at @:18 was anti climactic (for me) - I like this song and this video is better than several that are above it now. Rock on!
Thanks for posting this, Brad
by Ron Lindeboom
I always like "discovering" new indie bands. (Perhaps I'll plant a flag?) ;o)

Good band, I like their sound. Good work.
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