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Reel 5.1

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Reel 5.1
on May 21, 2010 at 11:00:26 am
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The latest VFX shots with a new soundtrack- enjoy!
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I may be in the minority
by Chun Lim
I may be in the minority here but your reel is really very very long. I would tighten it up and try to bring everything into the 2 min range as opposed to close to 5 min. There is some really great work in there but some of it was repeated where I think the segments could have more impact shorter, as opposed to cuts being close to 10 seconds long or repeated again in the second half of the reel.
very creative
by Adam Soch
Congratulations, very creative work. Enjoyed watching 2x's.
very nice
by sam etiang malik
am lost for words. looks gud
by Catalin Popa
Very nice reel and very good job indeed. :-)
nicely done
by Florin Stanciu
i like it. really. and the spaceships are great...
Awesome... I'm no animator, but I
by Jared Kay
Awesome... I'm no animator, but I know great work when I see it.

Jared Kay
new stuff
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Version 5.1- a few new vfx shots worth seeing and a new soundtrack for your enjoyment!
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