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LANGUAGE - Regular John

Demo Reels : Music Video : Wayne Reynolds's Videos : LANGUAGE - Regular John

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LANGUAGE - Regular John
on Jan 18, 2010 at 10:54:20 pm
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Music video for local Sydney band Regular John. The song "Language" is the first single off the 2009 release "The Peaceful Atom Is a Bomb".
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My new favorite
by Jim Hines
Oh man - this is just so fu**** cool - I love how the color motif matches the lead guitarists guitar color. And he's using that kind of throw back amp chord so the scratchy film and super eight lighting and color - oh man - it's just fu**** cool - sure painting on film is nothing new but your application of it is freaking awesome - I love the droste effect - and the stop motion newspapers - clever, clever, clever - everything about these pictures just heightens the energy of this song - tremendous - this is like a perfect music video - because it's mostly the band playing their song with an artistic enhancement that not only fits but is unique, creative and exciting. Rock the fu** on bro!
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