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Relationship Card

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Relationship Card
on Jul 6, 2010 at 4:51:36 pm
United States
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A married couple work out their emotional credit crisis.

Shot with the Sony z1u, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, and effects done in Adobe After Effects.
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Re: Relationship Card
by Jordy Brigs
This is great. Wish there's a tutorial on how to make those cool screens.
@Jordy Brigs
by Peter John Ross I modified the HEADS UP DISPLAY/IRON MAN tutorial to suit my needs.

Sonnyboo Productions
Re: Relationship Card
by Olivette Turbeville
This was too darn cute…and mighty close to truth!! Thankx for the entertainment.
Re: Relationship Card
by Peter John Ross
Many thanks for watching!

Sonnyboo Productions
Re: Relationship Card
by Ralph Pritchard
What a unique idea, I loved it!
Re: Relationship Card
by Skip Hall
Great job! Cute concept. Wish I had a crew that size to work on my concepts. What's included in a "grip package," anyway?

Skip Hall
Homeworks Video Productions
Suffolk, Va
Re: Relationship Card
by Robert Clark
Really great. Love the story line and concept.. Well done.

Robert Clark
Video Horizons
Re: Relationship Card
by brian paterson
Great idea- That about sums up marriage once the love bug wears off.

brian paterson
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