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Ricardo Guerreiro - Natural History Reel

Demo Reels : Ricardo Guerreiro's Videos : Ricardo Guerreiro - Natural History Reel

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Ricardo Guerreiro - Natural History Reel
on Mar 13, 2011 at 9:17:41 am
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A collection of wildlife images shot in Portugal during 2010.
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Re: Ricardo Guerreiro - Natural History Reel
by Sue Black
Gracias por su ayuda (Creo que es de España o Portugal?). La calidad de sus videos es muy alta.
Re: Ricardo Guerreiro - Natural History Reel
by Sue Black
Ricardo, WOW! Your video is beautiful. What camera and film did you use. Are you filming in 1080i?

Also the most important question is HOW do you maintain that HD quality when you put the video into a DVD?
1. What video codec are you putting in when you put it into a DVD?
2. I understand that DVDs are all SD but I know that major motion pictures are put on DVDs and they maintain that same HD quality which is what I am trying to do with my film.
3. What codec did you use to upload it to the internet in such a good quality?
4. I would appreciate any suggestions which you could give me.

@Sue Black
by Ricardo Guerreiro
Hi Sue and thanks for your comments. Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know much about converting to DVD. The few times I did I just exported on DV PAL (I'm from Europe) and then used iDVD to burn a DVD with the film. For the web I always use h.264 at around 8Mbps and then, after the upload is done, normally the sites will transcode again to something like flash, I guess. There's also html5 now but I don't know the workings of this. I think html5 is a form of playing video in its original codec without having to transcode to flash but again, I'm not sure about this. How they maintain quality on DVDs, it's something I don't know as I have never worked on a big film and don't know the processes.

All these shots were shot with a JVC GY-HM100 in 720p 60fps.

Again, thanks for your comments.
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