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Rich Williamson DP Reel '09 (Toronto Ontario, Canada)

Demo Reels : Rich Williamson's Videos : Rich Williamson DP Reel '09 (Toronto Ontario, Canada)

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Rich Williamson DP Reel '09 (Toronto Ontario, Canada)
on Dec 7, 2009 at 8:30:49 pm
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A collection of images from independent short work and station ID's for MTV Canada.

Music: Rogue Wave - Cheaper Than Therapy

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Showreel Editing
by Kitz TAN
Hi Rich,

If you need someone to rework on your reel. Please drop me a line via

Thanks for taking the comment as a constructive criticism, Rich
by Ron Lindeboom
Watching your reel a second time after reading your comment, Rich, it seems as if your reel almost runs in reverse. The later shots are the strongest and a DP reel shouldn't really open with post production effects shots. The later shots that are color graded, etc., are stronger than the opening shots.

Open with your best stuff, every time. ;o)
I've had a couple people make
by Rich Williamson
I've had a couple people make the same comment. I'm convinced enough to find a replacement. Thanks for the feedback.
You have some nice shots but the mannequin needs to go...
by Ron Lindeboom
...especially so soon in your reel. It really lessens the impact of your reel. I knocked off a whole point because ot it. I really liked the rest but the mannequin really deals a blow to your first impression.

That's my take on it.
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