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Richard Laing (Core Solutionz) GFX Reel '09

Demo Reels : Richard Laing's Videos : Richard Laing (Core Solutionz) GFX Reel '09

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Richard Laing (Core Solutionz) GFX Reel '09
on Oct 23, 2009 at 5:03:10 am
New Zealand
This is my current showreel (2009) It reflects my work as a graphic designer/producer
servicing broadcasters, corporate clients and independent production companies
both in New Zealand and the UK.
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Your original work is strong, the Mac screensaver intro blows
by Ron Lindeboom
I was about to give your reel two cows when suddenly your own work started and I thought this guy is good.

Lose the Mac screensaver intro, it truly blows.
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