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ROCK THE BOAT - documentary trailer

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ROCK THE BOAT - documentary trailer
on Dec 23, 2009 at 2:41:26 am
United States
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For a documentary about how an expedition down the Los Angeles river turned to into an act of civil disobedience because of a ruling by the US Supreme Court regarding the Clean Water Act - and about h [more]
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Re: ROCK THE BOAT - documentary trailer
by kiroshima sylvia
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I really liked this, enough to
by Mark Suszko
I really liked this, enough to bother commenting, and its a fascinating subject, but as a teaser trailer, you're giving up too much of the story for free, and not leaving any questions to be answered by watching the full story. Shorten it a bit more, and get the basic issue out much earlier: This river is a "real" river, but is not protected like one, because of a somewhat arbitrary rule about "navigability". If some plucky people can prove it IS "navigable", can they get the Army Corps and city government to follow their own law, and save the river? You have to leave the questions hanging, or people will just stop at watching the trailer, and not bother seeing the whole production...
Everything about this trailer is very professional, but it spends the first minute or so in an exercise of "throat-clearing", that is, making some noise while thinking about what it REALLY wants to say. Start it off with the controversy and why the kayakers want to prove their point, this is a much more active introduction, then you can wax lyrical about the scenery and the ecosystem later.

I feel this trailer and project are poised on the edge of "category 4" greatness, with just a few minor tweaks. Just don't give the whole story away, leave a question hanging.
Excellent subject and a fascinating story. But as the others said, too long.
by Dwelb Fwibben
I would really like to see the documentary but as the others said, I don't want to have to watch much of it as the trailer. But the story is good enough to make me want to give it a 4 overall. Though I really would like to give it a 2, if it were not for the strength of the story itself. This one breaks most all of the rules of making a successful trailer, and in this case breaking those rules does not serve you well.
Just far too long for a trailer
by Tim Matteson
Way too long. It needs to address the points quickly and not repeat them. I feel bludgeoned rather than enticed. I want to see it because I know I'd like the documentary but the trailer is overkill, by a long shot.
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