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Roger Bolton - Visual Effects Artist

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Roger Bolton - Visual Effects Artist
on Jun 30, 2010 at 8:47:42 am
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A compilation taken from over 10 years of work in visual effects as an online editor, feature film compositor, flame artist and onset supervisor. Now product designer for the CoreMelt range of plugin [more]
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Re: Roger Bolton - Visual Effects Artist
by Yvonne Turner
Outstandingly high quality.
It must have been exciting to watch the development of the final composition, massive amounts of detailed work. What format did you use for compositing files?
Re: Roger Bolton - Visual Effects Artist
by Roger Bolton
Hey Tim, where to start? on all these shots I was the compositor responsible for putting together all the layers and producing the final version of the shot.

Some of them, such as the battle scenes in kingdom of heaven and big landcape scenes in LOTR involved 70-80 seperate layers all to be color graded, tracked, blurred rotoed, animated etc as needed.

All work finished on Flame/Shake or Inferno although I now work on Nuke as well.

CoreMelt V2 plugins
Re: Roger Bolton - Visual Effects Artist
by Jim Bell
Great. Now all I need is $99K to by Flame... Say, can I borrow yours sometime? :)

10.6.1, MacPro Quad 6GB RAM, Macbook Pro 17" w/G-Tech 2 TB GRaid with Sonnet Tempo eSATA via express card, FCS3, TC Electronic Impact Twin FW audio interface, 2 DVX100Bs
Awesome work, Roger!
by Tim Wilson
Can you tell a little more about what you did about some of this stuff?

Thanks for sharing!
by Iain Anderson
Didn't know you did that shot for Fellowship of the Ring! Great stuff.
Nice work!!!
by Ravian Budde
There's some great work here, love the Bracia tvc!!
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