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RUBBER GIRL - Gabi Huiban

Demo Reels : Music Video : Tudor "Ted" Jelescu's Videos : RUBBER GIRL - Gabi Huiban

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RUBBER GIRL - Gabi Huiban
on Jan 16, 2010 at 10:51:22 am
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With a fresh animation approach, this video is a satire on the "ideal girl" presented by the TV culture. All characters have real-life counterparts in Romania, the story is based on reality. Composer [more]
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by Jonathan pannacciò
very funny! i like it.
5 cow !
Interesting animation style.
by Catalin Popa
Interesting animation style.
by Tudor Jelescu
I appreciate your comments
like it
by Rick Sustek
like it
similarity redux
by Tudor Jelescu
Sorry,I just could not pass this one:
"the surface similarity, same model car, drawn the same way, in the same colour. "
One is a Mini, red with white top, the other a beetle, yellow.
One is drawn in symmetrical clean lines and shaded color, the other is shaky hand drawn lines and flat color.
One has simulated glass on the windows, the other just cut out holes.
One cartoon character on the left side, the other a green screen real person on the right side.
I think that would be enough to consider them different...
great video
by florin stanciu
I just love this video. No similarities with others. Really.
Simon, look closer, my friend!
I don't see any striking similarity. One is very good, one isn't.
by Ron Lindeboom
I think that Tudor Jelescu's work is very professional and the other...well, it isn't. The only similarities that I see are that they both use color, and they both run on a computer.

Your mileage may vary.
striking similarity
by Tudor Jelescu
If you're referring to the fact that there's a car with a man driving down a road... maybe, but that's just a few shots in the beginning and the drawing style is different, funny though.
Great video. Some striking similarity with
by Simon Woodgate
Great video. Some striking similarity with this from 2006...

by Mihaela IAcob
Love it! Very original!
Keep on the good work!
Of course it's apples and oranges,
by Simon Woodgate
Of course it's apples and oranges, one is a piece of crafted art and the other is a wet Sunday afternoon noodling. I was merely pointing out the surface similarity, same model car, drawn the same way, in the same colour.

I see you like spoon Ron! 'Black like me', fantastic. Have you seen Adam Buxton's 'Don't make me a target' fanvid?
by Tudor Jelescu
Your comments are much appreciated
Render marathon
by Jim Hines
Wow! A lot of work went into this video - there is a lot of humour here but it's not vicious I can appreciate that - It's hard to be critical about the animation - somethings worked some didn't - like the swaying buildings in the opening came off much nicer than they did later on in the video (1:16) but the tv screens changing there is the kind of attention to detail that deserves mentioning - also the details in the live performance portion, blinking stage lights, crowd reactions - very nice - I didn't get too worked up about this because the music didn't appeal to me - so I'm trying to detail why this is good because it is - while still not personally really liking it -still - you deserve 5 cows and that is what I'm giving you. Love the mom - LOL
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