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RUN FOR A MILLION - Noush Skaugen

Demo Reels : Music Video : ian harding's Videos : RUN FOR A MILLION - Noush Skaugen

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RUN FOR A MILLION - Noush Skaugen
on Feb 9, 2010 at 1:08:11 pm
United Kingdom
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This is a viral video that I shot in September 2009. She had just reached 1 million followers on Twitter so this video was created to celebrate and thank her fans.

This was the first video I have [more]
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cheers jim.. glad u liked it
by ian harding
cheers jim..

glad u liked it despite your tastes! it was always intended as a fun piece to amuse and delight, i think that goal has been achieved!

a remix of this song is released as a single in britain in april 2010..
I like this song a lot
by Jim Hines
It's very catchy - I've never been all the enamored with the keystone cops so this concept just didn't work for me - you did a pretty good job of aging the picture though and it certainly worked much better when you gave us the film speed we've come to expect with old silent film comedies. Continue rocking.
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