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Sample Footage

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Sample Footage
on Oct 17, 2011 at 5:00:35 pm
United Nations
This is a sample of some jobs made by me, Dimitrius Beck, in many places around the world.
In this sample I used a lot of kinds of cameras like, Mini DV, Betacam SP and HDV.
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Re: Sample Footage
by Kevin Burton
That video is awesome.I'm trying to get into the video business for my production company which I have just started in name only,but i'm searching out cameras that best fits my needs.Something that is not expensive but will do the job.At least for making short videos.I have my companies name registered with my state,and I have five novels published.I've written six screenplays,and now I want to practice with a camera.What you did with your cameras looks fantastic.If I practice and come up to your standards I might be able to get my company off the ground floor.What beginner camera do you suggest?
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