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sara taigher show reel 09

Demo Reels : sara tagariello's Videos : sara taigher show reel 09

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sara taigher show reel 09
on Feb 17, 2010 at 2:36:44 pm
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Sara Taigher motion director show reel
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I am going to give you a high score BUT...
by Ron Lindeboom
You have some excellent work on this reel, Sara, so I am going to give you high marks for it.


If this reel was cut down to one minute of your best stuff, it would be an awesome reel. As it is, it is far too long and too repetitious and most people that watch it, will quit long before it ends.

So many reels in the COW's reels section violate this rule and it is surprising to see such long reels. The other day, a guy uploaded a 13 minute reel, I wrote him and told him I wouldn't even bother turning it on as likely he would be the only person to ever watch it in its entirety. Reels, if they are going to be powerful, should be a minute or less.

But I like your images, even if I didn't stick around to see them all.
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