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Sasa Svara Editing/Grading showreel

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Sasa Svara Editing/Grading showreel
on Feb 22, 2013 at 11:35:23 am
United Kingdom
Short real with some of my recent work as a Editor/ Grader and Lighting Cameraman
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Re: Sasa Svara Editing/Grading showreel
by Sasa Svara
Thanks, I take your point. I shoul have explained better! 95% of the showreel is filmed, edited and graded by me. I wanted to try and show what kind of videos I can do: corporate, graphics, music, documentaries, short films, etc... I do send diferent links with specific types of projects if I applying for specific job! Lighting cameraman project, motion graphics project, grading and CC projects, etc.... It is work in progress, so I will make some changes to be more specific about showreel. It is not easy to put 20+ years of work in 3min!

Sasa S
Senior Editor/Cameraman
Re: Sasa Svara Editing/Grading showreel
by John Grote, Jr.
Some nice stuff, but I'm not sure what work is yours. What pieces in the video did you do camera, editing and grading? I suggest that if you are doing a general sort of reel to give the person watching a cue to what they should be watching for.

I'm myself have a minute and change open that is total flash and culmination of a lot of highlites, but then I break it down a little bit by Editorial, Graphics, etc., so that the view has a better idea of what I have done for that particular piece. The reason I say this is that I have had many an interviewer ask me "so, what did you do in this piece?" "Did you do the edit and the graphics?" Questions like those come up when you are multifaceted, so make it easier for the person looking at your reel to recognize what you did.

J. Grote, Jr.
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