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SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling

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SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
on Jan 17, 2010 at 8:06:32 am
United States
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I made this video to correct a long-standing injustice: that there were not enough pictures of me in my high school yearbook.
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Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by Terry Gamwells
Love the video. Great to hear something different.

Terry Gamwells
@SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by harvey wiesenberg
Its a beautiful,touching and creative video.Love the music.
Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by David J. Carter
Just watched for the 1st time. WOW that was amazing and outstanding. Great work! Makes me not only want to open AE but actually try and learn how to use it.

Editor hobbist
Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by Dan Altuz
This is fantastic, and looks like it took you extremely long. Brought me to tears.

Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by Steve Woronko
Amazing video. Makes me want to open After Effects again.

FCP6,DVD Studio5,Motion3,PhotoshopCS,
Dual 2.3G G5,2G RAM,1.5TB Storage
Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by LeeAnn Dunkelberger
Thank you so much for sharing this! I haven't ever scene a video done this way before! Great job!

Best Wishes,

Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by Hugh Taylor
Ok its me again...I love this video...just posted it to more places for more hits... I have to share this masterpiece!!!

Re: SEVENTEEN - Matt Kresling
by Antonio Hernadez
amazing work, i had the same experience in high school, worse i dont kow where my book is, great job.
One of the best!
by Diego Cazares
This is video really inspires me. It's an awesome concept and I just seem to really enjoy it. Great work keep it up.
by michael Hensley
I have been working with computers for 15 years, but only with digital video for around 4. I would like to say that is freakin' awesome. I have put in many hours on projects involving 3D computer modeling in architecture, but can only imagine your personal investment of your time with this. I am giving you a standing ovation right now!
string ties, etc
by Victor Ingrassia
i particularly like the part where you group the photos into sets of appearances (string ties, teased hair, dramatic hair bangs)... not only is it fun, it also shines a light on the way kids gather and group themselves by many faceted self-defined rules.
More information, please?
by David Bogard
Being a novice at this, I am fascinated by this piece and have watched it many times. Question: Did you first cut the pictures into layers in Photoshop, then move to AE? And did you physically "cut" the photos up or do it in Photoshop?

Sorry if the questions are stupid, but I am still learning.
Five cows!!
by Arkaitz Argote
An incredible video Matt!! I tried to do something like this and I ckecked that is a very very hard work.
The music, the camera and all chromas are perfect done!! Congratulations!!

by naruphon punphairoj
Great work man! I like it. ^^
Seriously harmonious form & content
by Victor Ingrassia
great concept and erfect balance between the what & the how.
by Sean Keenan
Very impressive! I love the song. How many hours did you spend creating this? Did you have help?
ten stars
by Mitch Temkin
forgot to put you down 5 stars on the last post

can I put 10 in for this post so it averages out to 5?
by Mitch Temkin
Kudos. Great piece. Love the shopping cart shot. Approximately how many hours/days/weeks/years did it take to do?
My favorite
by Noelle Vaccese
I love the way the text writes on in the beginning. Not only is this a great song, but a really unique idea for a music video. This could have ended up looking really flat, but I love the way you handled the 3D layers. That's a lot of photos to cut out. Have you shown this to anyone from high school? They would probably get a kick out of it. You really integrated yourself into each shot nicely.
Hi Matt, I loved your piece,
by sara tagariello
Hi Matt,
I loved your piece, very emotional!!!
I think you could probably improve the use of lighting and color correction but the overall result is very good!
Well done!

hi matt!
by Jonathan pannacciò
Jim say that my video is similar to your video, I don't think at least not too much more than the others, but anyway, after a long look around the contest, i think that your video is my favorite. get very strong feeling, technically is good, and this important, but is not all. good luck!
I think this is great and should win best video.
by Dave Muehsam
(though I've yet to see all of them, so...) You had me fooled. I can't believe these guys commenting on the quality of the keys. Yikes! Maybe it's just that I'm an old man and don't know my way around AE, though you say it's primarily PS and I do know a little about that. My hat's off to you. Great idea and great execution. Yours is the only entry I've watched (in its entirety) more than once! I wish I had enough money to hire you to do all my work, then I could finally retire!
Hauntingly Evocative
by David Lustig
This video will affect any viewer. This is art.
Lack of a matte choker was not the problem.
by matt kresling
The problem was I shot it with an SD camera. Resolution was just too low to key it properly, particularly on full-body shots. My advice to green-screeners: have more money than me. Own an HD camera.
by Phil Knox
Great work Matt. Very, very watchable.

A heck of a lot of work in this, but what I liked most is that it didn't overcome the narrative and supported the song, drawing you into the lyrics
Amazing compositing
by Fede Puopolo
The compositing and animation are amazing, but I think that the keying could be better (for example at 0'24'')... perhaps using a matte choker.

Anyway, the video is super creative and I think only failed to fix that little detail to make it flawless. Congratulations!

I look forward to seeing things from you :)
Really good...
by Luc Parent
I really like the idea for the beginning of the video , but i find it to long, it should open to something else...
But like i said the idea is great....
by matt kresling
Yes, you're right, Will. It's misleading to say this video was done in After Effects, when primarily it was done in Photoshop.

And I'm using AE CS3.
Very well done
by Will Salley
Matt your hand must be really tired cutting out all those images...but it was worth the effort. I think you did an excellent job of matching the live keyed shots with the yearbook images. I'm wondering what version of AE you used as I didn't see any z-axis movement, which would have been really interesting on, say, a chorus. Or maybe you just didn't want to kill the panning effect.

Anyhow, great job! Nice melodic hook in the song too.
Hi Matt
by Eduardo Souza
We´ve used the softwares finalcut, photoshop, illustrator,
after effects and 3d max for some elements. The hardwares were 2 pcs quad core, 2 pcs duo core and one macpro 8 core.
nice video
by Eduardo Souza
Nice idea, nice music and nice work!
by Richard Crook
Very cool. Just recently started doing 35 still effects like that. Probably the best use of that effect I've seen. Nice work!
Fantastic. Funny and bittersweet. Just the
by Phil Scardilli
Fantastic. Funny and bittersweet. Just the right mix of naostalgic longing and humor. Very creative and beautifully executed.
We got a winner!
is this posted twice?
by Tudor Jelescu
If so the comments I made on the other post apply
great idea
by Tim Visterin
5 points for the suberb idea.
Great compositing...

Cheers Matt,

Very Impressive Professionally Done Homemade Video
by Kitz TAN
Matt, great work! Nice song! Of course it doesn't look homemade at all~

I salute to your greatest patience and perseverance that a true artist possesses on this planet. Maybe because you had worked on a lousy machine that pushed your creative juice out of your brain more precisely during later stage working on this video? And hence the sense of achievement at the end is greater and more worth the while?
Awesome seriously!!
by Jim Hines
I suppose some fault could be found maybe in some of the masking or the spot light - but - you know what - f*** that - this concept and your application of it is excellent - loved especially the first series of shots around the swing set 1:36 -:45 - something poignant about 3:21 - colorization towards the end gives a sense of time passing in a positive fashion- and pleasent way to express credits. Great work - 5 cows!!
Good job!
by Tudor Jelescu
Nice use of 2.5D compositing. Very smooth as far as camera moves and well put together. The transitions and animations you used are working well together, giving the video a unitary look and feel. It flows... what can I say, good job!
One thing that made me give it 4 cows and not 5, the color grading. I feel that it is the one thing that can be improved.
by Tomasz Narewski
Very good job, i like it
You're absolutely right. I try to
by matt kresling
You're absolutely right. I try to remember that if I showed my unbearably slow machine to my younger self, he would be amazed. More than 16 colors, programs running simultaneously, no floppy disks... what am I complaining about?
Very Impressive Professionally Done Homemade Video
by Kitz TAN
Matt, great work! Nice song! Of course it doesn't look homemade at all~

I salute to your greatest patience and perseverance that a true artist possesses on this planet. Maybe because you had worked on a lousy machine that pushed your creative juice out of your brain more precisely during later stage working on this video? And hence the sense of achievement at the end is greater and more worth the while? Looking forward to view your new work. If you repost this music video for competition tomorrow, I will vote for you again. ;'D

Just my two cents from personal experience: I started of my career during late 90s in Malaysia with a slow Lightworks Turbo that didn't allow UNDO command. If I forgot and press ctrl+Z, it would crash the machine instantly and I would lose everything I had just done, saved and unsaved. Then in China, I suffered from first generation G5's experience in mid 2006, provided by the client. What happened was Apple Shanghai collected machines from that era, repaired them, put on new warranty serial numbers and gave them away to renown filmmakers as a gift... The machine I used went into coma and couldn't be recovered in the midst of a feature film editing job... Hehe!
Excellent job! Thanks for sharing Jk
by johan kus
Excellent job! Thanks for sharing
What a beautiful piece of creativity!
by Axel Rogge
I love the video AND the song - absolutely great! You fit mostly perfect into the pictures, and doing the cutouts must have been the nicer part of the work ;-)

After reading your description of the production I felt like making an inner kotau for every sentence.

Great job and surely one of my all-time-favourites.

Have to find my yearbooks
by Harald Strom
I loved it, the music too
Matt - simply awesome and nothing short of inspiration
by Gregory Bradley
I was trolling thru the videos and just randomly chose your video Matt. I was literally frozen, as if I were one of the kids in the yearbook. I've watched the video several times and I'm blown away each time by the incredible visuals you created.

I hope your future is filled with as much inspiration as I received watching your video.

All the best Matt

by Bud Solem
Great job, both technically and creatively. So visually rewarding i was compelled to watch it all. Have passed the link on to friends :)
by Matthew Kraft
Matt, amazing work, it looks like a lot of pre-production went into this. I'm curious, once you had everything shot, how long did it take you in post?

I hope to see more, Matt. Oh, and I enjoyed the music as well. :)
Very cool video...can you share some tips?
by David Bowlby
Really great and unique video! Would you mind sharing some hints on how you created the 3d photo affect and techniques you used to blend yourself in so well?
Thanks, and here's the process broken down:
by matt kresling
Well, first I had the song obviously. That was it's own struggle in Logic. Then I figured out which shots from the yearbooks to use, and spent a few weeks cutting them into layers. I wasn't sure how the camera was going to move across them at that point, so I extended the backgrounds quite a way in all directions (nevertheless, I still see a couple edges in there).

Then I placed the layers in the space and figured out the rudimentary camera movements. That was really the hardest part--getting smooth camera movement was an absolutely interminable process, particularly since I'm working on an early G5. I found very quickly that I couldn't work at HD resolution, and had to lower the frame rate to 15fps. Nevertheless, it felt a bit like controlling a robot on the moon--send an instruction, then wait 45 minutes to see if it worked.

One wall of my bedroom is hung with a greenscreen, and I shot a few shots at a time using a two light kit. Having only an SD camera, I put it on its side to get the additional resolution (sometimes I still couldn't get it, and some shots show pixelation at the edges). It was a pain in the ass to match the lighting and position of every shot; it meant a lot of me running back and forth between the bedroom and editing room wearing an accordion.

My attention to getting the greenscreen just right became extremely shoddy over time. I found Keylight to be extremely forgiving and terrific. Matching the shots to the yearbook photos was largely a question of adjusting Levels, Blur, and Match Grain.

If I had known how long it would take (months), I definitely wouldn't have started it on my old machine. Huge mistake. I'll never have that time back, but everyone's kind words ameliorate my pain somewhat.
by Tim Wilson
A very fresh take on some techniques we've seen before, put together in ways that we definitely haven't. As others mention, I like the music - did you do that too?
Amazing work Matt. It looks like
by Matthew Kraft
Amazing work Matt. It looks like a lot of pre-pro went into it and was flawlessly executed. Very very well done.
What a GREAT piece of work.
by Charles Laird
What a GREAT piece of work. Two thumbs up, Matt.
by Ed Cilley
Very nice work. Everything blended together very nicely.
Inspiring stuff man! I loved it.
by Chris Newman
Inspiring stuff man! I loved it. Time to learn After Effects.
by Andrew Clark
That was outstanding work. If you're not getting (well) paid for this type of creativity, you will very soon!!

Excellent piece of artwork Matt; and thank you for sharing.
Some very original thinking in this one, Matt
by Ron Lindeboom
Good work. I t really is a unique bit of thinking you have put into it.
that was really great..
by David Bagatelle
great song.. great video..

Thanks, but thinking played a small
by matt kresling
Thanks, but thinking played a small role in this. Shouting at my machine was more instrumental. And threatening it. And crying.
by Jeff Bonano
That was just wonderful man! I expect to see this on VH1 or something! Good Job
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