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Shadows - Lindsey Stirling

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Shadows - Lindsey Stirling
on Jan 13, 2012 at 7:01:31 am
How do they accomplish this affect of her dancing differently from her shadow?
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Re: Shadows - Lindsey Stirling
by Dave Lozinski
Yes, although I forgot what the technical term for it is now. :(

There were some Youtube videos demonstrating the effect.

In a nutshell, the camera is set up on a tripod so it doesn't move.

First you video one-half the sequence (eg, her dancing).
Second, you video the other half the sequence (without moving the camera or tripod).

Then morph the two videos together.

Like I said though I forgot what the technical term is (maybe someone else here can enlighten us?), but that's the basic gist. When I searched on YouTube for it there were a lot of great demo vids.

Hope this helps!


Re: Shadows - Lindsey Stirling
by Ana Dave
Hello there,did you find the answer because i am making similar project and i really want to know?thanks
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