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Showreel 2009

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Showreel 2009
on Jul 21, 2009 at 12:15:28 pm
United Kingdom
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This is my first ever showreel and the my first time using After Effects. The showreel contains my work as Video Editor, DVD Authorer, Motion Graphics and Graphic Design. I also created the soundtra [more]
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hee hee, no worries, thanks for
by Amy Alexander
hee hee, no worries, thanks for your comments and rating :-)
I noticed that you are from Nottingham, Amy...
by Ron Lindeboom
...and that one of your projects on your reel was for the constabulary there in Nottingham, highlighting the problem with burglary and theft. I believe that it all may trace back to, shall we call it, the "Robin Incident." Perhaps the Sheriff of Nottingham may be able to assist in his capture.

Hee,hee. Sorry. I couldn't resist, Amy.
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