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Showreel Louise Costa

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Showreel Louise Costa
on Jul 4, 2012 at 10:42:34 am
Music: Yael Naim - Toxic
Here are some animations that I've done last year and this year!
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Re: Showreel Louise Costa
by Mathieu Marano
I love the 2D animations in your demo but the 3D stuff lacks lightning and shading. You really should do 2 demos. You'd get a lot of 2D jobs.

Mathieu Marano
offline/online editor - motion graphics - Post-prod director - DaVinci Resolve operator

Administrator of the Montreal Final Cut User Group
@Mathieu Marano
by Louise Costa
Hi Mathieu,
Glad to hear that from you!
Thanks for your comment.
I like this idea of 2 demos! I'll try it!
However, it has been so difficult to get 2D jobs, I think that I don't have the right contacts.
Would you give me any good advice?

Thanks a lot ! :)

Louise Costa
+61 403169194
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