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Singularity - The Trailer

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Singularity - The Trailer
on Feb 12, 2010 at 9:07:35 am
United States
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This trailer represents a sci-fi short currently in post-production.

Created by Thomas Horne, Paul Schaffner and Marco Solorio.
Cast: Paul Schaffner, Chris Gomes and Bill Brewer.
Music: Scar Tiss [more]
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Re: Singularity - The Trailer
by Michael Locke
Nice opening text effect, gets the attention. I can't tell the different camera footage(you know how to do this). Leaves lots of questions about the story...success.
Thanx for your answer and the
by Luis Salzedas
Thanx for your answer and the tips, Marco.

I've been using Canon since 1997 (film - EOS 500, my dear dear EOS 5, and EOS 1v; digital - EOS 3d, EOS 20D; EOS 350D, EOS 5D). The issue about contrast and saturation has been there since the first DSLR's.
About my friend's problem: he doesn't shoot. there's some "artist" shooting vids that he has to edit and post in FCP. There's also some kind of issue with the cameras codec, also.
Thanx for your feedback.
I want to see more.
by Mario Gongora
Great work Marco, it's only people who actually go out and create content who keep our profession going.
Looks cool.
by Paul Smith
Regardless of other comments, what you are doing with DSLR's is nothing short of groundbreaking. The results speak for themselves and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store. Keep it up!
Luv L series lens!
by Luis Salzedas
Great work, Marco.
I haven't tried an HDSLR to shoot videos, but a friend has been editing lots of footage made by the 5DMKII. All of the footage looks really great on a computer monitor, but as soon as you put it in an HD TV, black areas get completelly mashed. He works with FCP7.
I didn't noticed this in any of this 3 videos, but I watched it on a computer...
Have you noticed/heard any of this?
plus: I'm not sure, but i seriously doubt that anyone here in Portugal is working with the same accesories you use.(and there's lots of Canon D MkII lovers here).
Thanks for the article.
Greg: i would love to see your work!.
I always have to chuckle...
by Ron Lindeboom
...when people knock someone else's work without showing any of their own when doing it. One Cow to Marco? Well, I could understand that opinion were it backed by something so remarkably stupendous that mere mortals stood immobile, awe-struck at the visage, genuflecting in humble obeisance at the mastery of craft, technique, and final execution.

PS: As I watch the votes pile up on this one, Greg, I notice a pronounced disparity between your opinion and that of the preponderance of COW voters.
the point is...
by Tim McCarthy
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the point of including this trailer in the article (along with his other tests) seems to be to show how Marco was able to progressively improve the control of the camera and lens functions to finally achieve the desired look for the film, which I thought looked great. Greg seemed to be stuck on what was actually happening in the trailer, which frankly, I couldn't care less about.
So which is the EX1shot?
by freddy McLennon
I think it's amazing considering this is shot with a HDSLR camera.
A camera that, so far my knowledge reaches, is a fotocamera.
So I read your article and it is sooooo disturbing (in a good way) that this is possible.
I'm considering to buy a JVC GY-HM700E (the one with the Canon lense)
But after seeing all this I have doubts.
The reason I would like to buy that JVC, is to make shortfilm with visual effects.
(I'm working on a PC with the Adobe Master Suite 4)
The budget is just enough to buy the camera, tripod and good external sound with boom and windjack and all the other good stuff.
But as I wrote before... Now I have doubts.
Because these films with your demonstration of that HDSLR camera, are great.
So I guess I'm asking for advise on this issue.
Should I go for that JVC Camera or seriously consider an HDSLR camera.

And ofcourse... I'm dying to know...
Which is the shot you made with the EX1 because ... I don't realy see a differense lol

Greetings from Belgium,

Freddy McLennon
Great Work!
by Luke Culleny
Hey Marco! Great filming there! I agree in one little part with Greg that the trailer does not reveal a whole lot about your upcoming film however the technical aspects were great! The footage looks great and you gained a really nice Depth of field! It Takes a lot to organize a film especially with so many costumes, extras and the unique locations so great job man 5 cows! Don't pay to much attention to Greg he isn't really making much sense the point is you got out there and made this film with the camera you are learning and for that you get major props!.
Answers to some questions
by Marco Solorio
Charles Little: Thanks for the kudos, Charles. I personally have not shot with a D90. It's lack of 1080 HD and no manual control just isn't appealing to me. With that said however, I've seen some great work from the D90. But you're in luck with your Nikon lenses; You can buy inexpensive Nikon to EF mount adapters that don't require optics to function (it's the other way around, EF to F that require optics). I own several Nikon F lenses that I've used with my 5D2. I do prefer the Canon optics, but the Nikon mechanics are superior, IMO. In the end, I shoot with Canon L glass on critical productions. But that's not to say you wouldn't get good results with your F lenses. It might be worth renting a 5D/7D/T2i with an adapter to see how well it works with your lenses. I think you'll be surprised and the good results. Oh and the adapters can be had on eBay for cheap... like $30 or so. There are some companies that make very high quality ones (specifically from Germany) that are worth the cost if you specifically want to use Nikon glass with an EF mount.

Paul Smith: Thank you for the very nice remarks!

James Boulding: Glad you enjoyed the article. The EX1 and the 5D2/7D/T2i are really different beasts when compared. You really can't say if one is better than the other as it entirely depends on what you intend to shoot. I use my 5D2 for a more cinematic approach and I use my EX1 for a more run-and-gun, no-hassle ENG/EFP approach. The EX1 is great for quick shooting with a big safety net, whereas the 5D2 requires a lot of attention to detail and setup. I prefer the mechanics and functionality of the EX1, but I prefer the images I get from the 5D2, for the most part. I definitely wouldn't say dedicated video cameras are out of the picture just yet; they still have their place.

Luke Culleny: Thanks for the nice comments, Luke. I definitely agree that there is some mystery in the message of the trailer. That was part of the original intent to make the viewer want to see more! =) But yeah, a fun shoot with cast and crew. Thanks again.

Freddy McLennon: Thanks for the kind words and I'm happy to see it's brought some new ideas and options for you to think about. The JVC you're looking at generally goes in line with the comments I made above to James about the EX1 versus the 5D2. Like the EX1, the JVC is a different beast than the 5D2. They both do different things, some things better and worse than the other. It's really a decision only you can answer. The JVC wont exhibit the aliasing and rolling shutter that the 5D2 might give you. The JVC however wont have the huge light sensitivity, narrow DOF, and abundant lens options as the 5D2. And that's just a few comparisons!

Tim McCarthy: Yup, you're spot on and I agree completely with you. =) Thanks, Tim.

Ron Lindeboom: Oh Ron, you've always made me literally laugh-out-loud over the years, and your post definitely didn't disappoint! Thanks, amigo!

Luis Salzedas: Glad to hear you enjoyed the article. I think the first thing every 5D2 shooter needs to do when they pull the camera out of the shiny Canon box is to change the picture profile settings. The contrast and saturation is too high by default. Lowering the saturation and especially the contrast will help avoid crushed blacks and overly saturated colors (especially reds). Then in post, you'll have a little more latitude for color-timing. We edit our 1080 footage on both an HD CRT monitor and a HD 55" LED monitor (both are calibrated and run at the same time if we want). Because of this, we can ensure our blacks are where we want them (crushed or not). FWIW, we also use a Tektronix WVR 610A and BMD UltraScope in tandem to ensure chroma and luma is where we want it. Editing solely on a computer monitor is bound to cause issues. In fact, some of the older 30" Apple monitors are only 6-bit! So, I'm not sure if it's within your budget, but a dedicated HD monitor (that's calibrated) will go a long way to ensure good color-timing. Unfortunately that would also require output hardware from the likes of AJA, BMD, Matrox, etc.

Mario Gongora: Thanks for the nice comment!

COW Admin note: The referenced caption has been fixed now. We regret the error.
re: definition of TRAILER
by Marco Solorio
Greg, I appreciate the complements when given. Funny though about the "Bloom-ish" remark as this was shot in July of 2009... long before I ever got to see much of Philip's great work. Point being, the look I have here I've been doing (when requested by clientele) since the mid to late 1990's. ;-)

Again, I honestly do appreciate the kudos, yet I'm still amiss as to why you gave the video one star if you think the video itself has, as you stated, "superior craftsmanship there, no doubt". You obviously seem to have felt the video itself is a good piece, but giving it only one star drops the overall rating, which just isn't cool by any means. It would be different if you genuinely thought the video itself was justifiable crap.

I'm aware of what a trailer is. And yes, by uploading it to Vimeo and the Cow, I am in fact showing it to thousands of people I don't know. I should think a good trailer doesn't give all the answers, making the viewer want to watch more.

This trailer actually was originally uploaded to Vimeo shortly after it was shot and cut last year. The Cow gods asked me to add it to the Cow site as part of my DSLR articles, and I was happy to do so, hence the rather "recent" upload date. However, because of changing ideas, and production heads being across the state (from L.A. to the Bay Area), getting the finished flick has been on the wayside, which many of these types end up as. Nobody was paid on this project. We did it for fun and we did it to test, what was at the time, the just-released 1.1.0 firmware update that allowed the 5D2 to have manual control... that update was a HUGE deal at the time. We absolutely couldn't have achieved some of the exposure looks without that firmware update.

So yeah, it's been about eight months in its trailer form, but it's still a trailer nonetheless. FWIW, I've seen trailers 1 or 2 years out before anything was released! Is there a rule when a trailer is released and when the feature is released? Not that I'm aware of. Can I promise the actual flick anytime soon? No. Should we have instead tested the new firmware by shooting my girlfriend's cat in the kitchen like countless other "test videos" out there? I should think not. We decided to have a lot more fun with it instead.
by James Boulding
Is it the hsot at 0.08 where they're walking along wide? Bit of a guess i admit. I use an xh-a1 for shooting a lot of kitesurfing films. So a lot of very quick focusing etc...Had very good results from it. A few 5d's and 7d's have come into the sport by people shooting and concensus seem to think it's the real deal and my xh-a1 footage is just dark and dingy and just not as crisp in comparison.
Always been tempted with an ex-1, do you think it's still the better buy or do you think the 5/7d's are about to take over. I've noticed that for shooting quickly moving targets mine is a lot better for autofocusing. When shooting depth of field stuff you almost have to get an exact point setup for a person to do a trick or it just doesnt work with the 5/7d.
Thanks for the article, although I didn't understand everything involved it was a helpful read.
Nikon vs Canon
by Charles Little II
Thanks so much for this article and the examples posted. Have you (or anyone reading) had any experience working with the Nikon D90? I would really be interested in your review of that piece of equipment. I am a Nikon owner and have a host of Nikon primes as well...I was under the impression that utilizing an F Mount adapter on a Canon body would not work b/c of the distance from the back of the lens to the sensor. If an F Mount adapter will allow me to utilize my Nikon glass on a Canon DSLR body, I would certainly consider adding a Canon to the family. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
definition of TRAILER
by greg strange
seriously, i'm not trying to be a jerk; i have a valid point.

your "trailer" looks great as a "Bloom"-ish style art piece. lighting, locations, mattes, coloring, sound and cine stuff is really appealing. superior craftsmanship there, no doubt.

however, the fact that you're billing this as a TRAILER with the whole "coming soon" and credits slate is what prompted my comment. play this for someone you DON'T KNOW and 9 out of 10 of them will have a giant question mark floating over their head, saying "what the F was that all about?" the purpose of a trailer is... ah forget it.
Re: get beyond tech
by Marco Solorio
Greg, so other than assuming I "got all this equipment to do shallow DOF" over a weekend, do you actually have anything proactive to contribute to this video upload?
get beyond tech
by greg strange
wow. looks like you and your buds are stoked that you got all this equipment to do shallow DOF and you had a great time last Saturday and Sunday. "coming soon"... LOL.
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