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SINGULARITY - film trailer

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SINGULARITY - film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 6:02:15 am
United States
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Two men, seeking refuge from an unidentifiable attacker, find themselves trapped in a suburban garage where the real nightmare begins. Starring Robert Joy (CSI:NY, The Hills Have Eyes, Land of the Dea [more]
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Got my attention
by Eric Blevins
Though many may find this genre as overdone and cliched, I am still a fan. This trailer caught my attention from the get go and did not let go. It left wanting more. To me this is the sign of a successful trailer.
by Cris McRae
Good work, no establishing shot needed. Trailer language is ok for the intended audience. Your trailer would succeed in getting people who like this genre to want to see the movie, and that's what its all about. VO could use a little tweaking.

Keep in contact, I want to know you in the future.
good! although...
by Dave Graton
Overall pretty clean and good acting, but it could use a few tweaks.
First off, avoid cussing as you want a trailer to have the widest possible audience (TV/kiosk/etc).
And we never get a sense of 'where' we are. Perhaps include a shot of an actor closing a door to establish this.
The trailer seems to stall and we wind up experiencing too much story in the middle. You should overlay (J/L-cut) the actor's lines with shots of other things.
The narrative should be shaved down and remixed w/more music so that the "scary" reverb isn't that obvious.
Haven't we seen all of this before?
by Mark Smith
Good work but for what? This? Shouldn't have bothered.
by kaveh Jahansoozi
This is quite a scary horror movie trailer dressed up with both excitement and suspense. It's the sort of film that keeps the spectator well embedded in their seats, eyes glued to the big screen while the popcorn and coke go untouched till the end.
Way too long
by Larry Eisner
Films like this really benefit from trailers that hint at, but don't show much. This really shows a lot. Too much.

Like you need to showcase your VFX, and that's not what the trailer is for. It's to build hype.

Perhaps if you showed the "damage" for only a split-second (remember, people focus much quicker than you think, especially these days).

And I definitely agree with Ron that the cliches build up pretty quickly.

I could see some more darkness perhaps with effects or something (smoke, or whatever you feel fits behind titles), and taking the lines like "cut it off!" as ways to break up the visual monotony. Also, wayyy too much of the claw shown. Perhaps it's the major plot point. But it's not necessary to show it like 3-5 times in the trailer. Show it once, at the end. If at all. It's scarier if we have no idea what caused the damage to the guy's arm.

Again, I'm getting super-critical, as for a "startup" effort, it's great. But, yeah, cutting this in half-timewise, and leaving more to the imagination and to "did-I-just-see-that?" type of cuts would be more fitting of the genre and your desired audience feel (if I read it right).
Achieves a big budget feel
by Ron Lindeboom
Achieves a big budget feel and the acting is convincing, if a bit over the top, at times. Needs to be shorter. Filled with about every cliche of this genre, and like many of the trailers in this contest, it is way too long. By the time it ends, this viewer was cheering for it to just stop. Please stop.
Good, but...
by Scott Koué
Looks good, liked the cuts mostly but Way TOO much VO. The VO needs to be more of a hiku. If you look at $$$ trailers the VO sets up but doesn't explain and your VO starts sounding like narration. So I would cut 1/2 to 2/3 of the VO. I would also shorten the whole trailer. Not sure what a "normal" trailer for this kind of film runs but I felt like it should have ended about 2/3 of the way through.
To sum it up it all looks good, the VO sounds good, the editing works, I just think you need to cut down all that good stuff so it runs tense and leaves us wanting more.
Nothing New
by Loretta Billingsley
There's nothing new here. I thought it was poor stage setting in front of a camera.
Someone PLEASE find another VO that doesn't have to mimic, you know, the guy who's no longer around.
by Joe Kisch
This film trailer succeeds in sparking viewer interest (I sure as heck want to see it). The things that grate on me, however, are the actual VO (bordering on cheesy and terrible) and the lines delivered in the VO. We get a sense of the characters (although this could be heightened a little more, like where they came from, where they are (noted, it is in a garage but this is not evident in the clip), and who they are) and their conflict with the alien thing. But maybe a little more can be added to hint at why they can't leave (other than what is stated, which is "if we stay here long enough, maybe it'll go away" or something like that). The escalating threat is good: the infection spreading is good; the attempt to stop the spread by cutting off the arm; hints that the creature is stalking them. Overall, with those minor improvements mentioned, this is a solid trailer that hits the mark of sparking viewer interest into wanting to see the movie. I'd give it 85%.
Oh man I gotta say I
by Brian Berneker
Oh man I gotta say I mostly love it, but I can't give it 100%.. (it is what it is)

Overall the editing is sweet and the suspense maintained throughout, however...

The voice over could be written a bit tighter (choice of words is a bit dicy, though the cheese itself is almost requisition standard).. possibly equalized with a bit less crispness on the top end and a tiny bit more medium low.

Also, you could possibly give a tiny but more to establish the setting (even a 10 frame flash cut of the building itself early on?), although not entirely necessary. For all I could tell this was next to an airlock on a spaceship...

These are fine tuning remarks, not harsh criticisms to a trailer that totally works and is otherwise awesome!
by Eddy Monstrota
Lots of good stuff around here but I really dug this one. Crafted well enough that I'm intrigued about the movie and had to register! Love it!
Orson Welles
by Steven Moore
Nice. The pregnant pause before the guy with the serious voice says 'The singularity' had me in stitches, I was wiping away the tears., thanks for that.
by Jonathan Betten
Very professional indeed, great work.
I think I've watched this at least 200 times.
by Matt Punchman
Really hard to believe Singularity is an independent movie. This trailer is rockin'.
Looks like a fun, scary film.
by James Cole
Looks like a fun, scary film. Can't wait to see it!
by James Pinard
Looks Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!!
by Tom Torrillo
Nice work, love it. Easily five COWs.
by Jason Ward
Thomas S. Kuhn couldn't have said it better. This dude looks screwed, blued, and tattooed! Now that's a trailer!I'm there opening night!
by Zack Rodriguez
Fail. This does NOT make me want to buy a cell phone!
Very cool
by Aaron Knight
Really looking forward to seeing this. Fantastic trailer!
by Art Douglas
This is the most awesome low budget sci-fi horror trailer ever made!
by Shian Storm
imdb lists the film as complete, but we're still working on the VFX
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