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SNOWBLIND - a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western

Demo Reels : Trailer : Bastian Schreitling's Videos : SNOWBLIND - a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western

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SNOWBLIND - a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western
on Dec 16, 2009 at 11:47:54 pm
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I thought I could maybe interest you in our indie flick "Snowblind", in our minds the first serious attempt to do full green screen feature film in Germany
on a low budget that looks at least halfway [more]
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by Roli Rivelino
It's always nice to see a fresh indie film, with (hopefully) no predictable Hollywood formulas in there. I liked the trailer a lot, but my one minuscule criticism is that it went on a tad too long. 4.5 out of 5! :-)
Another great job obviously ;-)
by Carsten Hoffmann
Hi Ron, really good to hear you're monitoring that closely. That's really great admin work, wish every forum on the web was that well-run :-D
I couldn't agree more, Carsten
by Ron Lindeboom
We have had TWO people vote this trailer one cow. But I removed one of the votes as the same knucklehead voted nearly all of the reels in the contest with one cow. What an idiot. I am thinking that people in the next contest will get a voting system that rates the video in multiple areas -- editing, lighting, costumes, cinematography, etc. -- and that way we will see who the idiots are and just ban their accounts and block their IPs. This reel really is a great piece of work and is clearly a labor of love for the filmmakers. I'd like to see the work of those who vote one cow. Amazing. Thanks for your comments, Carsten Hoffmann.
Great job trashing the rating for this!
by Carsten Hoffmann
Seriously guys, how can you give a "one cow" rating to a project people have clearly worked their asses off for? Sure it's okay if you don't like that kind of film, but this is a TRAILER competition - and this trailer definitely delivers. I think its main fault is that it doesn't say enough about the story, so I'll give it a four.

Happy New Year too everyone on CreativeCow, even those hater trolls - maybe you'll grow mature in 2010 ;P
Thank you all for the nice feedback
by Bastian Schreitling
we are very happy that most of you see the trailer/film the way we wanted it to be.
thank you guys!


Big leap for mankindergarten
by Dennis Habermehl
Hi I must say I know these guys from a failed (hobbyist) project back when. We had some disagreements over that but now I think they're on the right track. Tongue in cheek is really what's totally absent in German film making. Its either social drama or (attempted) comedy. Nobody dares to be real kitschy like these guys do. I don't like full-on parody but for me an entertaining action film needs enough self-awareness to know it's fiction and no brain surgery... and I think this trailer really sells that. Of course its not gonna be as spot on as Firefly or Planet Terror which it reminds me of but yeah... If it gets as good as I hope it may even lead the way for others! Go go go grindhouse Germany!!
I forgot to rate this one, it's so camply it is one of my favorites
by Ron Lindeboom
As a trailer, it works quite well for me. I get the story. I see where the filmmakers are going with it. It is a campy romp-fest through such an over-the-top storyline that I am sure I would love it. I am a huge Firefly fan and so mixing up westerns with sci-fi and action is something I appreciate already. Do I take it serious? No. But I do not believe that that is what the filmmakers are going for. It all looks like fun and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Do I see the bad compositing work and animation that fails? Yes. But do I care? No, I take it for what it is, not for what it isn't. And in that, I think it is one of the most effective trailers in the COW. After all, a trailer should tell you what you are going to see and what the movie is all about. In that, I think these guys have succeeded in the task at hand.
This is destined to be a cult classic
by charles pierce
These guys have made a film with its tongue firmly in its cheek. This looks to be nothing but fun. Don't look for the meaning of life in this one, it's clearly not going to be here.
You are welcome, Bastian
by Ron Lindeboom
You guys (and girls) are doing great work. We can't wait to see the finished film.

Ron Lindeboom
on behalf of all of the COW Team
by Bastian Schreitling
a big THANK YOU! to the cow-team for choosing a still from our trailer :-)
60 minutes of the film are finished... still 30 to go... and we are working on trailer no.2 !

and by the way... marry christmas.

cheers, the snowblinders
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