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VYSI VIEJI - Sovvalniks

Demo Reels : Music Video : Ingus Amatnieks's Videos : VYSI VIEJI - Sovvalniks

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VYSI VIEJI - Sovvalniks
on Jan 16, 2010 at 4:05:00 pm
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Sovvalniks is a singer and songwriter from Latvia and he sings Latgalian. This is his first music video of debut album "Supluok".
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this 1's so good too
by Yuri Oira
wow man! you've done it.
Ingus Amatnieks
by Jim Hines
You're work is quite excellent - we are always harder on ourselves than we need to be - my comments are only critical in terms of the scoring of a contest and of course come from my own personal perspective - keep rockin' - you're doing great.
Thank You Jim for your comments
by Ingus Amatnieks
I can't disagree with You.
A lot of "not good enough" things I see by my self. But, it's my second music video.
Now I see my knowledge level and I know direction where to grow up!

Of course I wish it could be done better. Many of shots were damaged (off focus, shakes, dirty BG, bad lighting or view angle) and the result what you see is made from small peaces of that what can be useful...

So, thank You for your time, watching and rating my first steps in music video shooting and editing. I hope further in future I will surprise You with excellent work.

by Kalvis Kalsers
Ir dažas neanses kuras var
I've tried to watch this a couple of times now
by Jim Hines
there are a variety of things I don't like that have prevented me from finishing - the pace, the vanity, the setting, the fashions - I like the song well enough and I really like the fact that when it came to the guitar solo - you showed it - so many cut away from the guitarist - why? I'm glad you didn't - good work - I can't comment on why you chose to include some special effects at various points as I can't interpret the lyrics - all I can say is that the realization of those effects is just average. I'm also ranking this based on the videos around it at this time - I may have been too generous with some of my calls and quality videos are sitting in the middle of the pack now while some of lesser quality are still absorbing all of the views. This video does not really take me to any place new. I wish there were half cows to be awarded as this definately rates a 3.5 but not a 4 - 3 cows from me - Rock on and best wishes.
We are honored to have our first entry from Latvia
by Ron Lindeboom
Thank you for entering, Ingus. This is a nice piece of work and we are honored to have you add it to the contest. You are our first video in the library from Latvia, and we are delighted to have you here. Thank you, and good luck in the contest.
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