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Sparkle 2008 Showreel

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Sparkle 2008 Showreel
on May 21, 2009 at 12:36:08 am
United Kingdom
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Sparkle Media is an Award winning Animation, Visual Effects & Post Production, facility Studio based in Liverpool with clients across the UK and the world. We provide effects and solutions to the adv [more]
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Re: Sparkle 2008 Showreel
by Michael De Greasley
Hmmmmmm... I enjoyed the Demo and I can see the high levels of creative, conceptual,technical & directional merits of Sparkle ... However, I recently watched something on Creative Cow about H.264 and the perils of submitting something to clients/potential clients, which lacked in quality. Now I watched this demo in full screen mode - as I have with most of the demos on here, and it was noticable that this demo lacked the clarity in definition to some of those other demos. I felt a little bit dissappointed and perhaps cheated of not being able to experience that WOW factor.

Life is the ultimate dream :)
Re: Sparkle 2008 Showreel
by emily cai
sparkle~pretty good~
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