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Demo Reels : Music Video : Ivan Egorov's Videos : UPSIDE DOWN - Splean

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on Jan 20, 2010 at 12:06:53 pm
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A dream trip into the dark.
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black and blue
by Paul Nordin
I really liked the idea of a constantly flowing circular story. Some of the sections were pretty fun...bicycle, paint throwing are two that come to mind. Didn't care much for the 60s throwback children effects though.
Really well done. Wonderful in-camera work.
by Ron Lindeboom
Like Tudor Jelescu's comment regarding the children with the Earth at 1:54, I too found it the only spot where you are taken out of the flow. But even with that, I love this video -- especially the final scene. Kudos. Great effort and a wonderful video.
Black light theater meets music video-
by Tudor Jelescu
Black light theater meets music video- good idea. Some really nice set-ups. One visually out of place shot @ 1:54 (kids with earth) that does not mix with the look of the piece and it kind of interrupts the flow for me. Nice piece.
Really, really nice...
by Jim Hines
It's refreshing to see so many of the effects created in camera as opposed to in the software - nothing wrong with software induced magic and you effectively use it there in the middle with the children - but - in camera effects are nice too and you've been very clever here. I particularly like the transition to the over head camera angle @:51 or so and then into our first look at the Fish - luv that - great work as the eye candy caused me to expose myself to music I might not normally sit through. 5 Cows from me.
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