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Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens

Demo Reels : Trailer : Petr Kepka's Videos : Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens

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Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens
on Jun 2, 2009 at 10:38:11 pm
Czech Republic
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“My Blues and Greens” is a poetic portrait of the life and art of the best academy-trained Czech painter of his generation, Stanislav Staněk. Staněk, a victim of the dark communist era, triumphe [more]
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Very nice!
by Tim Wilson
An excellent reminder of the beauty of "analog" art in this digital age!

As a result of the "analog" nature of his work, the digital wipes toward the end -- a particle wipe, a picture in picture that explodes into particles, etc. -- strike me as out of place. I actually like the ones at the beginning and end, because these look like curtains opening and closing. But I suggest leaving the rest of the transitions within this piece as straight dissolves.

Otherwise, again, very nice indeed.
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