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Demo Reels : Music Video : Dimitri Nachtigal's Videos : STARS FROM DIFFUSE MATTER - microClocks

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on Jan 15, 2010 at 10:11:17 pm
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microClocks is a german rock-band. First I illustrated all the members - and than of course the animation. Used Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema to let em rock. Some Video Samples were also integra [more]
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by kay strong
I would love to know how they did it.
Great Animation work
by Paul Nordin
I really liked the style you set up at the start of the video, and unlike some of the others, I found the changes in style to be a bit refreshing. I almost gave a 5 cow rating, but didnt feel the story line was engaging enough from the start of the song to the end. The animation kind of ran out of steam by the end from that perspective.
Great Idea to Reprise Highlights at the end
by David Ellis
Great Idea to Reprise Highlights at the end since Rock Bands often drag out the endings too long.
by Tudor Jelescu
Cool piece of work- it rings a bell with me since I am using this kind of animation a lot (see rubbergirl). It's fun, full of energy and pretty well done. Now for the constructive criticism part: I agree with Jim that you need to find more of a unifying look for your animation- mixing too many styles - even if individually they are good- is not beneficial. Also the look of the artwork needs some sort of unity. There are a few things that do not make sense- like the cinematic aspect frames (I kinda' get the point I think but you did not need that, it makes the mind stop and think "why?" instead of just following the story). All in all good job though.
Entertaining Till the END!
by Diego Cazares
I found this one to be very funny and creative. This must have taken forever to make. You are a very talented person keep it up :) and let rock live on...
A hand of 5 aces at 2:56, so how can I argue a sign like that?@!?
by Ron Lindeboom
Our daughter was over when I was watching this video and she laughed out loud at the finger puppets banging their heads together and then finding that they themselves are a hand on someone else's hand. She thought it was quite funny and so did I. And with a hand of 5 aces showing at 2:56, how can I argue with a sign like that? Five COWs!
Four stars
by Jim Hines
There is lots of humor here and I like that - the smiling bug - the polaroid picuters of the band - the pop up book look at the beginning - the stop motion line drawings - but - it never really settled in to a unifiying theme and I feel whatever story was there suffered as a result - it's also too long for my attention span despite the plethora of animation and effects - you have a lot of talent though. Rock on!
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