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SuperNova - Scott Novasic 2007-2009 Mograph, Animation Reel

Demo Reels : scott novasic's Videos : SuperNova - Scott Novasic 2007-2009 Mograph, Animation Reel

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SuperNova - Scott Novasic 2007-2009 Mograph, Animation Reel
on Jul 21, 2009 at 6:41:03 am
United States
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SuperNova Scott Novasic can be reached at..
phone: 909-915-9950

SuperNova's "welcome" to LA Demo Reel from a few years ago. (From Chicago) It's a long reel coveri [more]
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Re: SuperNova - Scott Novasic 2007-2009 Mograph, Animation Reel
by John Trenda
Awesome visual effects, very impressive. I especially liked the water and palm trees. You are an extremely talented artist. Looking forward to your next work.
Very nice shiny showreel. Kudos to
by Djordje Komljenovic
Very nice shiny showreel. Kudos to your style.
Great work!!
by Eileen Gleeson
Fantastic video!! Super and very creative.
Great reel - great to work with
by Jacob Hoehne
Scott is amazingly talented and he is a pleasure to work with.
Great demo real
by James Wamser
Even though I have known you for more than 15 years, you continue to impress me with your work. Your demo real does a great job of showing how talented you are.

As an Adobe Certified Instructor, I have worked with a lot of very talented people over the last 17 years, but I can honestly say I have never seen someone push the various software applications to the limits as well as you do.

by John Heckel
Absolutely amazing work Scott!! I am impressed!! Can't wait to see the new reel!
Outstanding reel, love the visuals, cool
by Reuben Flounders
Outstanding reel, love the visuals, cool soundtrack too, great work, congrats.

I appreciate the kind responses
by scott novasic
thanks Ron, Reuben and Allan. I am very excited at the challenge of topping this reel.
I am inspired and motivated as well by viewing others great work here on the Cow, and yes, on other sites as well. I have so much room for improvement, living in LA
is a great place to keep your ego in check and it makes you constantly look to get better and better just to stay in the 'game' out here. As we also see of course, is that great work is being done all around the globe as well...
by Allan Taylor
Very cool reel Scott. It rocks from beginning to end, looking forward to the new one. Keep up the excellent work!
I love your reel, Scott. To quote The Mask, it is "smokin!"
by Ron Lindeboom
Definitely one of the best motion graphics reels in the house, Scott. We are proud that you are a part of the COW Team. We are looking forward to your new reel with the updates. :)

Have fun, man.
Thanks James and Edgard
by scott novasic
I definately wanted a high energy 'in your face' (not in a bad way) reel when I first came to Los Angeles. Things are going well here so far. I debated even putting my old reel up, given that i'm so close to my NEW demo reel. I'm glad I did though.
Edgard, like many animators I use way too many tools and techniques to list. A lot of my 3d was done using EIAS, but there is also Maya, C4d, Real Flow Zaxwerks Invigerator and even a remnant on my reel from over a decade ago using Specular Infini-D. (guess anyone?) Throw in all the 2d tools used to 'fake' 3d and so much more, its impossible to cover all of them. 17 years has given me a long time to acquire and use whatever tools needed to create a given look. I still invest way to much money each year into new software and hardware. My passion for animation and effects is hard to keep under control... (my wife helps with that). :)
Nice reel
by James Jackson

Great reel - inventive, fun, and in your face.

Congratulations on the reel Scott, i
by Edgard Iriarte
Congratulations on the reel Scott, i wonder what application did you use?
It really doesnt matter what matter is the artist, keep doing some good inspirational imagery.
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