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SUPERPAD: Mink Engine

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SUPERPAD: Mink Engine
on Feb 4, 2010 at 6:32:00 am
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Video produced by Melbourne artists Mink Engine, in conjunction with designers Nice Device and Studio Organic. Nat Cursio provided choreography. Mink Engine are renowned for their high-energy music, a [more]
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This made me want to kill myself
by Jim Hines
It's as if Liberace threw up all over the screen - from the prom night dresses to the horrible haircuts all set to the driving beat of a stock Casio loop - I was unwillingly transported back to 1981 and a Saturday night in Alameda, CA from my - until now - secret disco past - I drank some curdled milk once and responded like the dancer in the pink prison jumpsuite @ 1:56 - Let's have a pick out the worst dress contest - for me it's a toss up between the emerald fringe @:16 - the shoulder corsaige @:22 or Puffy sleeves @ 2:00 - no seriously - I didn't like this at all - but - but - You went for it - this is your thing - you've admitedly tried for over the top camp - you've manufactured a look that would make Roy Lichtenstein proud - the performers appear to be getting into it - everybody is on board - The first dancer is real pretty - Who can argue with a shoe phone? - not me - the militant disco drill seargent kinda got my imagination working - - best dance moves @ 1:54 - luv it when the girl sticks her tongue out @ 2:26 - I sincerely liked the bit at @2:34 - I'm giving it 5 Cows because you ended on a kiss - Best wishes. Please don't make another one of these :-)
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