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SWAN SONG - Brightwood

Demo Reels : Music Video : dillon novak's Videos : SWAN SONG - Brightwood

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SWAN SONG - Brightwood
on Jan 21, 2010 at 3:39:01 am
United States
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This video is my baby. Let me know what you think of it. What is special about this music video is that I am 17 therefore no band wanted a music video from i wrote up my treatment and went up [more]
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very well done
by Than Baardson
dillon, this looks SO good! where's your newer video at? I'd love to see the update if you've done any work to it.
17 huh...
by Tudor Jelescu
If I did something as good as this when I was 17... Really good job! I like most of the shots, the color grading, and most of all the spirit of how you did it. You get 5 cows for that...This being a contest however, I will rate this in the context. I agree the cut needs some more work, but that is not my biggest issue. I feel that the story and treatment is clean but it does not break barriers. Work more on the IDEA, go crazy, surprise the viewers by doing the un-expected. A bit more dynamic camera work at the end would have been better. So, in this contest, I give this work 4 cows.
Yeah i know what you mean,
by dillon novak
Yeah i know what you mean, i fixed this in my newer video.
My take -
by Jim Hines
The quality of your shots is excellent - The color treatment is appropriate and effective - You have a lot of talent - here is why I wouldn't give it a 5 - It's the cut - for instance; @3:09 when you come back from the interlude you almost get it right for my taste - you cut to the drummer because that is undeniably where we as the veiwer/listener go mentally based on the dynamics of the song - Look at this video Bird of Feather @3:03 - I'm not saying do it just like that - I'm saying that is the money shot so to speak - There is such a strong musical cue that it demands to be aknowledged - there are several moments in the video that for my taste share that same quality that you missed @ :51 is a place I noted on first view and just in general the shots of the musicians seemed random as opposed to using musical dynamics to emphasize things - 1:21 is another spot. You got great performances out of your actors - nice casting - 1:44 very eerie - I would have cut to the girl @2:39 - some more revealing moment having to do with the story - it's very open ended and very likely that's what you wanted - so I'm just expressing a subjective opinion - Awesome location, and all in all it's really good all things considered.
Dillon, this is a nice piece of work
by Ron Lindeboom
The story is well done. The video itself is nicely done, especially for the budget. ;o) The close is poignant and emotionally direct. It works.
Dillon, What a movie
by Jeff O'Brien
What a wonderful video. I really like the shot selection.
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