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Tank Driving in Pittsburgh

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Tank Driving in Pittsburgh
on Mar 2, 2010 at 7:34:03 pm
United States
A shot me and my friend made which we filmed the street and then matchmoved in pftrack, modeled in 3ds max, and composited in AE.
Any feedback?
Lay it on me, pick out everything wrong so I know what [more]
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Re: Tank Driving in Pittsburgh
by Greg Robbins
The video was originally less shaky and laggy, it got messed up in converting to different codecs.
I actually like the tank animation.
by Cindy Hill
I actually like the tank animation. I wish the video were steadier. When the tank comes to a stop and then the turet rotates, that action seems off. Also, the shadow does not follow along the way it should. Conceptually I like it.
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