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Tantrum Pictures/Colorama colorist's reel

Demo Reels : Ronald Anderson's Videos : Tantrum Pictures/Colorama colorist's reel

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Tantrum Pictures/Colorama colorist's reel
on Dec 30, 2009 at 3:28:52 pm
United States
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A combination of 35mm negative, and Red Camera footage, fnished on Apple final Cut Pro, and Apple Color.
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Tantrum Pictures / Colorama demo reel
by Ronald Anderson
Hey Thanks Ron!
Is this movie file ok this time, or should I upload a smaller M Peg4?

p.s. I really enjoy my friendships and ties with all of you folks at the Creative Cow.
Have a Safe, Prosperous, and Happy New Year!

Ron Anderson / Colorama
Impressive work, Ronald. Quite nice.
by Ron Lindeboom
This is some nice work, Ronald. There are some wonderful images here.
We prefer that people use larger file sizes, Ronald.
by Ron Lindeboom
We'll leave the tiny videos to YouTube and Vimeo. We want to see the work, not "squink" for it, as Popeye would say. "I be squinkin' trying to see what's there, Olive!" (Dang, I wanna be able to play Popeye like Robin Williams did in the Robert Altman movie.)

This one is fine. We have a full 10GIGe pipe backed by some bad boxes, Ronald. No sense in letting them go to waste.

This movie plays very well on my machine guys
by Mark Nancetor
I think this one is one of the best grading reels I have watched here. It plays very well on my machine guys.
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