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The Beast That Swallows Its Young

Demo Reels : Music Video : Matt Kresling's Videos : The Beast That Swallows Its Young

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The Beast That Swallows Its Young
on Aug 19, 2009 at 6:46:57 am
United States
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Green-screening & FCP.
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Right On!!!
by salient film
hahahahaha. nice!!. i just sent the video link to those mobsters at salliemae, and tossed in a debt collector contact number. i just took a semester off after returning to college over a year ago, and now i get more letters and calls from salliemae than i do from my own family. when they want their money, they want it bad. now i call them as much as they call me to defer payments til i graduate, as per our agreement.
and a lot of my friends that went to those expensive colleges, well, i feel worse for them, and in this economy, tough stuff.. debt+family+mortgage/rent+school loans+car note+ insurance (just kidding,lol) + you name it= new american dream.

someone bless america. god, vishnu, allah, buddha, whoever.

execution= 2cows
concept/song= 7cows
avg= 4.5000000 cows

rounding up=5 cows

and keep up the good work. btw, liked yearbook vid as well.

by Anders Hattne
Very fun video that goes well with the song!!
NIce work.
by Scott Davis
Nice job, Matt. My only question is: How the heck did you get the messages off my machine?!?!?
Mister Kresling, this is a post attempting to collect a debt, if you read it...
by Ron Lindeboom are acknowledging that you are Matt Kresling and that you owe the debt.

Too funny, man.

Kathlyn and I get these kinds of calls as the phone number the phone company assigned to us after we moved to Paso Robles belonged to a woman who bailed on her credit debt and while we have cut off most of these calls, we still get a few every now and then.

Great video.
Great stuff!
by Tim Wilson
A fun video, but a really wonderful song! Very, very impressive.
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