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the courtyard studio Reel 08

Demo Reels : Ross Bradshaw's Videos : the courtyard studio Reel 08

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the courtyard studio Reel 08
on Jul 22, 2009 at 9:25:36 am
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Some of ther projects myself and the courtyardstudio worked on in 08
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cheers Charles I might go back
by Ross Bradshaw
cheers Charles

I might go back and color the video alright. I just came accross this new feature and wanted to get our reel up and out there

Cheers for watch man
Nice reel, Ross
by charles pierce
I gave you three cows but would have given you four if you had colourgraded your reel. Too many areas of it looked washed out and the video color needed more "presence." If I could have given you an extra half-point, I would have just because you video interviewed the Sheriff of Nottingham from the new BBC production of Robin Hood. Kudos.
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