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WAVES - The Devlins (video will play but takes a minute to load)

Demo Reels : Music Video : sebastian lopez's Videos : WAVES - The Devlins (video will play but takes a minute to load)

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WAVES - The Devlins (video will play but takes a minute to load)
on Jan 27, 2010 at 3:37:16 pm
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"Waves" was entirely created out of digital photographs obtained from different sources.
I decided not to film the video but to use photos instead in order to get a more different and original stop m [more]
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Beautiful and magical.
by Julia Jenkins
Beautiful and magical. Soft and nourishing. You have skillfully created a world that I would like to live in. Thank you.
This is beautiful -
by Jim Hines
it feels hopeful and the effect is that I'm looking through a moviola or some such thing - I like the camera move at 1:23 and the change up in environment and color that it brings with it - some of the actresses expressions don't work for me (2:32) but that is probably my only knock - unless you don't intentionally mean for her to look like she is floating in the wooded scenario - regardless if you do or don't it still worked for me - I like the subtle stop motion movement in her expressions and position - and this is an instance where I don't mind not seeing the musician too much - although I'm thinking how much more cool it would have been - from my perspective - to see some live motion shots of him strumming and singing in the frame at times - in the woods or on that floating rock. There are a lot of "pretty" things going on in this. Song is gentle and the visuals enhance and support that mood. Great work.
by sebastian lopez
hello eduardo, thank you very much for your comment. you can watch more on my blog
lovely !
by Fede Puopolo
The combination of some kind of stop-motion in the character with the beautiful design of the composition it's incredible.

The music is very good, so that helps too :)

Congratulations!, is proud to be Argentine after seeing the love with which you develop your projects.
Great look!
by Eduardo Souza
Hi Sebastian, great visual, great collors, realy good compositions! Congratulations. Where can i see other works of yours?
Even though I don't want to give this 5 COWs, I will
by Ron Lindeboom
When a music video never features the artist and is 100% built around "outside elements," I tend to not take them too seriously. But this is a superlative effort taken within the context of what it is and the cinematography, animation, colorgrading, effects, etc., are all exemplary -- in my opinion (the mileage of others may vary). Great work.
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