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The HUEY™ 3D Camera System

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The HUEY™ 3D Camera System
on Aug 4, 2010 at 5:15:48 pm
United States
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Meet Huey™, a simple, easy to use stereoscopic capturing system for professional videographers, Internet, hobby, or consumer video and audio. Shooting and editing consumer 3D video for the Internet [more]
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Re: The HUEY™ 3D Camera System
by chuck cirino
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your message. If you check our ad you'll find a link to a web site which will send you anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D glasses for free. That way you can watch our 3D video.

For now that is the best way to get your glasses. A clever HUEY™ owner could dream up several ways to get glasses into the hands of potential viewers. Suggestions on that subject come with the camera.

HUEY™ is not being sold as a professional camera. This is the reason the video does not look professional... it's for the web or home videos. The 3D cameras they used on AVATAR were $100,000+ cameras. A consumer grade 3D camera coming from Panasonic will cost $19,000 in November. HUEY™ is the best ultra-low cost solution on the web.

I'm building a much better quality 3D camera which may stand up to the quality you suggest.... but it will cost $7500.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I'm all answers :)


Re: The HUEY™ 3D Camera System
by Mike Cohen
How do we know that people viewing at home all have 3D glasses. I tried my RealD glasses from Avatar and they did not work - where do you even get colored 3D glasses these days?
Neat idea, and certainly cheaper than hiring Jim Cameron, but show us some professional looking video. You have a nice looking on-camera of yourself, but the sample video from the camera is very amateurish and not indicative of what you get for $2499.

Mike Cohen

Medical Education / Multimedia Producer
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