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THE LEGACY - short film trailer

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THE LEGACY - short film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 7:45:24 pm
United States
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What would you do if you believed your father was a superhero? The Legacy brings to life a story about fathers and sons, imagination and magic, and believing in something larger than ourselves.

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Re: THE LEGACY - short film trailer
by Victor Carbonneau
For anyone who is able to attend, The Legacy will be showing at the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival on Thursday, July 22 at 5:00 pm during the Comics-Oriented Block. More info can be found on the Comic-Con Film Festival Site:

Both the director and I will be in attendance. Hope to see you there.
by Paul James Chatman
Boring trailer. Sorry that is how I feel. It was a true trailer, to be sure, just didn't give me anything to want to leave the house and pay 11$ to see it.
Thank you everyone!
by Victor Carbonneau
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful feedback, both positive and negative. I had posted with the hopes of getting this feedback from peers in the Cow Community to help improve my craft and it has been really wonderful. Winning the contest is just an added bonus. Thank you again everyone.

For those of you interested in seeing "The Legacy" it will begin making the festival tour this year. There will be updates and info about this on
by Pat Tremblay
Damn I keep clicking the wrong dot! Ok, here's the 5 for real!
by Pat Tremblay
I meant to give 3 stars...! My mistake. I'll balance it out with a 4.
Yes but...
by Pat Tremblay
Nicely done, albeit classical, but I would called this a teaser, not a trailer. Ah, semantics!

"Yeah but your own trailer is...", yeah, yeah, way too confusing for most! And you know what, that's quite alright ; )

No way !
by John Miller
I can`t believe it that this video won ,it is not even a trailer ,it is less than a minute ;it is actually a tv spot ,,,,where is the dialogue ! the titles were good but I have never seen such number of titles in a signle trailer ,music was good too and it probably it is the factor who lifted this work but it was single track ,usually there should be dozens of them as they move you from scene to scene ,,too bad CCOW !

Excellent job on the trailer. Congrats
by Jerry Jones
Excellent job on the trailer. Congrats on the win.
by Jamie Hobert
Hey Victor! Great work...your trailer makes me want to see the movie and that is the whole point of a trailer, right? Great work. I hope that the $1000 is just the beginning of the rewards you will begin to receive for what looks to be a very cool movie. Congrats and good luck with everything!!! - Yours truly, Jamie Hobert (Creator of "Creative Cow: The Movie" trailer)
Great job. really wants to make me see it.
by Alf Hanna
Good work for under a minute.
Nice, but I too would like
by Craig Swanson
Nice, but I too would like to see more of the film and less of the graphics. But trailer gets it point across and sells the movie. And that is what a trailer should do.
Arguably, the best trailer in the contest
by Mark Nancetor
For conveying the story with both poignancy and a bit of humor, and with brevity, this trailer excels.
I want to see this in the theatre
by ciaron davies
Short and to the point, The Legacy grabs you quickly and moves equally as fast, doesn't reveal too much and manages to maintain an adequate amount of mystery at the end, making the view want more. I especially love the images of the boy finding the costume and the father flicking the lid on the cup with the use of his super powers, whilst the son looks on.

Great stuff. I would really like to see this film in full!
by Mel Torres
I would pay to see theis film

The Legacy
by Clifford Terry
In its simplicity it works. Hooks you in the beginning and builds to a pay-off conclusion. A good teaser trailer.
How did I miss this trailer? It really is one of the best in the contest
by Ron Lindeboom
This is a fabulous trailer, Victor. Very funny and yet poignant at the same time. Like Scott Keck said, the golden moment comes at the breakfast table when the father flips the lid from the jar.
Excellent trailer. Would love to see the film.
by Mark Smith
Congratulations on an excellent trailer, Victor. One of the very best in the contest. It might even be the best, in my opinion.
by Scott Keck
Thank you for:
a) keeping it short. Brevity is the Soul of Wit, as one wag put it in the 1600's. I wish others in this competition could take a lesson from you and cut their trailers in half. I'll reverse myself on one of my usual complaints - I'd like a narrator to replace your titles with a nice, deep, warm voicing of them. Mostly because your visuals were telling the story well and I wanted to see just a bit more of them. Really nice moment at the breakfast table with the lid flip. Bravo! I would see this film!
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