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WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? - The Lucky Rainbow Club

Demo Reels : Music Video : gary dumbill's Videos : WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? - The Lucky Rainbow Club

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WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? - The Lucky Rainbow Club
on Jan 26, 2010 at 3:05:37 pm
United Kingdom
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Video produced for an unsigned U.K based band. Luckily they were happy to play the fool and looking for a bit of humor. It's Tron-tastic!
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by paul key
The backdrops to the 'paris', 'empire state' scenes look great. very simple but very effective! The question is...can people tell it is meant to be funny? I think its a belter! Well played.
This is hilarious
by Jim Hines
in a kind of tongue in cheek - sophisticated sort of fashion - the effects are all fairly well realized and I did enjoy this - your drop shadows are pretty dramatic but the constitancy of those lengths makes me believe that was intentional - One knock might be that some of the effects look like some tutorials I've seen online - however you've done a decent job of making them your own - I'm going with a 5 cow rating based on overall quality and unique approach to humor - If I'm totally off base - well then - it wouldn't be the first time - Rock on!
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