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MY LITTLE BIRDIE - The Nice Device

Demo Reels : Music Video : Kevin Leeser's Videos : MY LITTLE BIRDIE - The Nice Device

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MY LITTLE BIRDIE - The Nice Device
on Feb 11, 2010 at 5:02:23 pm
United States
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A video i shot in the historic Michigan Theater in downtown Detroit.
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by Jim Hines
this is a good feature the band video - effectively introduces a potential fan to the band members the lead personality and the music - edited very nicely with judicious use of simple but effective editing stunts - I particularly like how the bright (work) lights where used as transition points - nice change up from the now somewhat standard fade to white flash - I liked the split screen especially when you had the lead singer in close up and full frame jamming on her strat(?). Didn't care for the quad screen. Enjoyed experiencing the enviroment with the visible breathing - okay song - not bad - all in all I liked it - 4 cows
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