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TIL MY VOICE IS GONE - The Old Ceremony

Demo Reels : Music Video : Sam Griffith's Videos : TIL MY VOICE IS GONE - The Old Ceremony

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TIL MY VOICE IS GONE - The Old Ceremony
on Jan 20, 2010 at 2:30:50 am
United States
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From the album Walk On Thin Air, out now on Alyosha Records

Official Selection - 2009 Paso Robles Digital Film Festival
Official Selection - 2009 LG Life's Good FilmFest
Official Selection - 2010 [more]
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I know you're going to be mad with a 4 cow rating but
by Jim Hines
Great casting all around - here is an instance where the money was very well spent on talent in all areas - great story - video touched me - You got a great performance out of Ed Asner - seriously - it's well made. Very professional. It's not something I want to watch more than once though - It's too emotional - so in that regard this video is not like a traditional "music" video that is out to promote "the song" it's in a seperate category or genere - almost like a movie instead of a "music" video. So for the movie 5 cows and even more. I've listened to it now a couple of times without the pictures and the music doesn't move me like the movie and furthermore they don't seem to bear any relation to one another. There is another "bittersweet" video in this contest called "Seventeen" but in that case the two seperate things - pictures and sounds - they work in unison. That's why I'm scoring this music video 4 cows even though this video is emotionally powerful and your work is truly wonderful. Ah what the heck I'm gonna give it 5 cows - maybe it will get more people to watch it. The Cow judges will make the final determination anyway - right? Good stuff - rock on!
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