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WINTERFEST 2010 - The Veil

Demo Reels : Music Video : Brian Brophy's Videos : WINTERFEST 2010 - The Veil

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WINTERFEST 2010 - The Veil
on Jan 28, 2010 at 7:57:29 pm
United States
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I am a pastor and part time media professional. This is a music video created for an event that will have 15,000 teens at it. The song is acapella and was written by some teenagers in my church and [more]
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by Tudor Jelescu
..great job for a starter. Pretty talented teens- always fun to see young ones having fun like that. Good use of the tutorials- I would recommend next time to include more close ups (don't get caught up in the effects and forget about the fact that you need different kinds of shots to make it interesting). The fx could use a little more glitz and glamour (in the crowd scenes )- lights, speakers had fun with it though and that's what matters. One more comment regarding the art direction on the crucifixion shots: the cross and Christ looked pretty rough, the wood beams were really thick- a more silhouette-like approach, a contre jour, or even a cutout picture of a classical image would have been better- my opinion.
For all the good stuff, the long hours and the courage to take on a project like this using new techniques- 4 cows.
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