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The Wig Of Death 2 - Toffeepop V's Micheal the Vulture

Demo Reels : Short Film : Glenn Birks's Videos : The Wig Of Death 2 - Toffeepop V's Micheal the Vulture

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The Wig Of Death 2 - Toffeepop V's Micheal the Vulture
on May 10, 2009 at 4:43:03 pm
United Kingdom
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With his two debt collectors missing, presumed Dead, Toffeepop calls on his arch rival wanting answers.
Michael the Vulture doesn't take too kindly to the incriminations.

Strong Language and Viole [more]
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No Worries
by Glenn Birks
Again Ron,
Thanks for your reply and honesty,
This is our second film and my first real foray into writing and scoring for scenes,
I have been playing Bass for near on 20 years, and have always wanted to put my music to film, and this way I get to do that - please listen to some of the scoring here Ron, its akin to the Cult Horror / Retro cop stuff of the late 70's / Early 80's.

We have started using a boom mic Ron, beleive it or not, but until we get a longer cable , the boom guy is never more than 3 feet away from me.

Again, thanks for your reply,

Sorry to be so hard on you, Glenn
by Ron Lindeboom
My apologies for being so hard on you. Truly.

I must have been having a pretty innervating day because it seemed like I was being balanced at the time, but in retrospect I was being pretty hard on you -- especially after reading your comment.

Considering that you have never been to film school and are just winging it with friends, it is pretty good. (Though I still think the screaming is over the top and I would try boom mics next time. Try the cheap Behringer B-1 which has GREAT sound.)

I am a sound freak and when the audio is weak, it lessens the performances across the board for me. I shouldn't have been so hard. I think if I could hear the actors better it would have had a stronger, more full presence in their performances, and I would have been easier on you.

But as it is, you have a great start here and you are a good storyteller.

Again, my apologies for a post that was likely the result of a pre-caffeinated morning.


Ron Lindeboom
Thanks Ron, First of all, thanks
by Glenn Birks
Thanks Ron,

First of all, thanks for your feedback, but as with all budget films, getting people to put in their time and effort for very little in return is something that I appreciate, whether they have presence or are deemed not good enough at this level is unthinkable.
Of course everyone has opinions but without these people, all i would have are four or five best mates trying to be 5 different characters each.
We could do some 3 minute film, but instead we wanted to do something with a little more substance, an Epic if you will.
None of us have been to film school, I have had my head in books and am a musician first and foremost, not a Director, but we all enjoy doing what we do.
The main actor is pretty good, lose the lady
by Ron Lindeboom
Also the audio is very distant and some boom mics and real audio recording would really help. The gunshot sounds like it was laid in as an afterthought and is way more real and loud than the rest of the audio. The screaming at the end is less than convincing and is way over the top. I hate to be so hard on this but I'd start fresh with thought given to the audio and with a more convincing cast to support your bad guy, who is most convincing of the lot.

It was quite unnerving to see him shoot Phil Collins, though I am sure that many in England would sign up for the job. :o)
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