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TOMORROW IS TODAY - film trailer

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TOMORROW IS TODAY - film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 4:36:24 am
United States
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“Tomorrow Is Today”, is a drama about love, loss and survival of the spirit set in a small town on the Jersey shore.

Greg Jerdon (Mark Hefti) is a man who has lost everything, including his wil [more]
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Traditional - Not bad, but definitely safe
by Larry Eisner
There's absolutely nothing wrong with this trailer, because it's very vanilla. If anything, I'd say you may linger on scenes too long? The argument between the (mom? she's young...) and the daughter is too long.

But other than that, it's well done, and something I'd totally expect to see in the roll of trailers for any given indie flick.

Well done!
Not Convinced
by Loretta Billingsley
The emotion seemed shallow at times. Not convinced to see it by the trailer.
by Brian Berneker
Drama, of this type, is especially hard to sell.. The tension of the plot is illustrated somewhat by the confrontation with Grace, but then left hanging a little towards the end rather than pulling the violin string just a bit tighter. I'm actually a big suck for tear jerker flicks, and this looks like it could be one, but I'm not entirely sold.. The line from Grace (or perhaps the delivery?) seemed a bit off, and my intuition fears that more of the same will follow once I have popcorn in hand. Otherwise the sentiment is very well delivered.
by Jason Stephens
Elizabeth Brissenden plays a much different role in my film, "Necrosis" (The Ghost Girl). She told me about this film. Can't wait to see it.

Jason Stephens
A powerful trailer, Frederic
by Ron Lindeboom
Truly makes me want to see the film. Well done trailer, conveys the story, the acting and the spirit of the film in two minutes.
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