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Tony Wise - Picture Editor Reel 2010

Demo Reels : tony wise's Videos : Tony Wise - Picture Editor Reel 2010

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Tony Wise - Picture Editor Reel 2010
on Apr 17, 2010 at 2:44:41 am
United States
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Highlight reel encompassing my feature film, commercial, and new media projects. I would appreciate any feedback. Do you get a sense of the work? It's a hodgepodge of different mediums over the las [more]
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nice brother
by Will Bystrov
There's few decent editorial reels out there. This is definitely one. Keep it up.
One of the more watchable reels
by Paul Lumsden
One of the more watchable reels out there, that's for sure. Good montage work with the features, liked the music synch, good stuff.

My only criticism would be in what exactly you do... A picture editor could mean assemble, offline, online, grading, Or all the above! It's a minor gripe though, it looks like you've had some good clients and you defo know your stuff.

by carry metkowski
How do I get to be you when I grow up?
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Funny, flowing, funky, fulfilling, and I'm running out of descriptive words starting with "f", but your reel stirs up a fountain of positive feedback.
by Adam Young
"Thats the dedication that got me mentioned on the TOTO 4 album." lmao. Thats a great reel, I loved it. Thanks
by tony wise
Thanks for the positive feedback as well as different perspectives on the cut.
Your Awesome video
by Tane McClure
Ok... it's true, you are officially my favorite editor on the planet.
Tane McClure
That's A lot Of Work
by Michael Pettygrove
I definitely got the impression that you know what you're doing and have plenty of experience doing it... In the first third, the cuts are too quick for me to get a feeling for, I'm not saying it's a bad thing it just made me curious... Awesome reel dude!
Makes me jealous
by john murphy
You've had quite a career! Your early stuff looks great, and your later movies are awesome.
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