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TR /Motion Graphics/Showrel

Demo Reels : Talmeez Rehman's Videos : TR /Motion Graphics/Showrel

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TR /Motion Graphics/Showrel
on Oct 30, 2009 at 10:58:34 am
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This is my Motion Graphics Showreel. I m Trying to make some different place in that field..waitind for your it.
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sorry for late reply .... its dueto some of mine personal reasons
by Talmeez Rehman
Bheemraj Gahliro

To create this showreel I hav work with 3ds max, adobe after effects,photoshop and Illustrator.
by Bheemraj Gahliro
Hey Friend your work is really appreciated, can you tell me about the softwares you used here.
by Talmeez Rehman
Thanks to all brothers for admiring ma work... yes Jeroel and Tim are right it has to be shorter, thanks for Hafiz sahib too.
Always wondered!
by Hafiz Muhammad Tariq
hi. Talmeez Rehman
I always wondered who has done such a nice graphics for express TV and finally I know. It is good to see such kind of talent in Pakistan.
by Tim Wilson
Beautiful work, great energy. I think Jeroel is right, you might consider making it shorter - but really great stuff!
by Paul James Chatman
this is really inspiring
great work!!
by Jeroel Elbitar
Hey Talmeez, great work!!! pretty cool MG, like the use of 3D. I´d keep it shorter.

Keep up the great work dude!!
Keep it up!
by Yasir Jelek
Bohat Aala, Nice work Talmeez... Keep it up
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