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TUNNEL TO A LOST WORLD - documentary film trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : Dana Strom's Videos : TUNNEL TO A LOST WORLD - documentary film trailer

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TUNNEL TO A LOST WORLD - documentary film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 5:21:53 am
United States
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Trailer for the film "Tunnel To A Lost World" - a documentary film produced for National Geographic Television about the world's largest submersible tunnel system which is being constructed beneath t [more]
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Re: TUNNEL TO A LOST WORLD - documentary film trailer
by doanrock rock
the transitions and great photos too
I wish I could do something like that ...
but the picture quality is not very clear trailer upload ..

Re: TUNNEL TO A LOST WORLD - documentary film trailer
by Gerry Curtis
great trailer! very nice work, lots of attention to detail, love how it builds, hopefully the director paid you back with some nice gigs, haha!

Color Reel
makes me want to watch the doc now!
by Mike Cohen
nicely done. I feel like I want to see more of every scene featured. Good selection of shots, narration and building of interest.
Before we can move forward we
by Rick Pearson
Before we can move forward we must look back ~ it's a great sentiment and one that this documentary appears to embrace. While so many teasers lean on computer generated animation and re-enactments to wow an audience with eye candy this production never loses sight of the story it is telling - the physical connection of two continents for the first time over the discovery of their ancient pasts. There are layers here that make for a well formulated television tale, one that will be of great interest to many viewers for various reasons.
Thanks for The Great Responses!
by Dana Strom
What a surprise!
I thought I'd offer little info; the documentary (which I did not edit) has already aired and does enjoy occasional reruns (check you local listings!). I cut this from the edited final film as a favor for the director. The narration was all stitched together from the feature's narration track by Peter Coyote and the music is all original from the film itself. I am pretty proud of it, and am enjoying all the feedback!! Thanks!
You would expect nothing less from a National Geographic production
by Mark Nancetor
Truly top-flight work. Every facet of this trailer is done to perfection. You'd expect nothing less from National Geographic. Can't wait to see the show.
Tunnel to a Lost World
by Crystal Eikanger
Absolutely beautiful! Fantastic mix of 3D and film, good juxtaposition of past and future in using the two forms exclusively for each era. Professional voice, as stated, is indeed flawless. I, too, would love to see the finished documentary. Definitely deserves the top spot.
Now, that's how to do it.
by William Bearden
Now, that's how to do it. The visuals pushed the story along at a masterful pace. The voiceover is flawless.
Tunnel To A Lost World
by Michael LaFortune
Excellent. It has all the qualities of an interesting. captivating documentary trailer. Well done. I hope to see more along with the completed version some day.
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