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SPACEBALLS - Twin City Kings

Demo Reels : Music Video : Joseph Russell's Videos : SPACEBALLS - Twin City Kings

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SPACEBALLS - Twin City Kings
on Jan 16, 2010 at 7:55:40 pm
united States
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Sick and tired of music videos that make sense? Well its Spaceballs in your Faceballs my friend.
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by Jim Hines
I knew my 12 year old son would love this and indeed he did - he laughed his a** off. Go get 'em Twin City Kings.
Thanks for the feedback!
by Joseph Russell
Thats awesome! I'm guessing he liked the part with the puking milk in reverse. I will make sure I tell the other band members that our humor is appreciated!
Thanks for your support!!!!!!!!!
by Joseph Russell
You hit the nail on the head! Spaceballs is all about being lost!
Just about lost me at :52
by Jim Hines
lost me for good at 1:34 - lol - rock on! Nice effect at 2:00 - smoking guitar nice - was all set to give it 3 or less but you finally won me over at 4:55 with the hilarious chorus dancing - plus I have a Bobs Big Boy Bank. Rock on I suppose :-)
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