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UNBROKEN - fantasy film trailer

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UNBROKEN - fantasy film trailer
on Dec 18, 2009 at 2:44:24 am
United States
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This trailer is unrated and posted for promotional purposes only. This material was made possible by the following people: Executive Producer- Torrey Loomis, Executive Producer- Christina Marie, Execu [more]
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Very interesting but seems missing something
by Brian Berneker
I like what I see, and it's well presented, but I'm not sure what to expect of the film. Is the whole thing shot in symbolic sequences like this, or is this sequence merely allegorical of the plot?

If there is an actual outside story that this represents (as the early voice overs suggest) then perhaps a few parallel action intercuts would help? Otherwise if there are other symbolic sequences, then there should be some indication of them.

It built my attention throughout, but I'm left wondering if that's what the whole movie is.. one scene?
Footage shot on the RED
by Christina Marie
Footage shot on the RED.
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