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Demo Reels : Music Video : Erica Jaffin's Videos : UNCOMMON COURTESY - Hugo

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on Jan 17, 2010 at 10:11:50 pm
United States
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Uncommon Courtesy music video by Erica Jaffin. Shot on 16mm, compositing and animation done in AE, edited in FC. Official artist's site at [more]
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All This video Needs ia a Guest Slot on Mr. Rogers....!
by Ronnie Whitting
Very Calssy and very entertaining for children....Anybody
seen Mr. Rogers......?
by Jim Hines
What I like about this is that - it dares to go somewhere different - so for that 5 cows - however the execution and edit bring the total score down one cow. One for instance; @:07 it's out of sync - My favorite moments are at :50 Mighty Eyelashes - :52 who can resist a bluebird of happiness? - 1:38 Lead to backup and 2:07 sparkly piano riff - Good stuff - but simple things that could have been fixed without much effort or money somehow got passed the final edit - so I wish I could give it 4.5 for no budget ingenuity and bravery - but I'm going with 4 cows Rock on!
All this video needs is Gumby and Pokey to dance their way through it
by Ron Lindeboom
Very cute video, Erica. Nice work. I kept waiting for Ernie and Grover to come waltzing out, or Gumby and Pokey to dance their way through it. I had to give it a 5, as I am always a sucker for chick flicks and cute videos.

As I watched the video more than once, the subtler nuances of the story became very apparent to me...though they may be lost on the less observant who watch it: the video is a sad story of a guy that befriends a lost frog, a frog who later hits on the piano player's girlfriend and woos her away in a whirlwind romance that ends in a jewel heist. The heist causes the girl to dump the frog when she learns that the frog -- whose love is blind -- has also blindly heisted only cubic zirconia. Disillusioned, she runs off with Hugo's bass player and the two form a new rhythm section of their own. Both the frog and the aforesaid now deeply saddened piano player, learn that while it may indeed be the thought that counts, there's no guarantee that it will count for much. In a last act of desperation, remembering how much his mother loved the pictures he painted for her when he was but a tadpole, the frog tries to paint her a picture of the biggest diamond ring imaginable. She is unimpressed and throws the ring to the ground.

Now alone together, Hugo and Flippo (the frog's christened name) pour their sadness into material for a new album they record for David Geffen. To tour the new album, Hugo teaches the frog to play keyboards and backing vocals (kinda like Linda McCartney in Wings), and they tour the world behind their cathartic and soon-to-be prophetic triple-Platinum selling first album, "Like Toads in Boiling Water." Awash in contractual disputes, David Geffen ends up with all the money for the album. The road manager absconds all the money from the tour. If that isn't enough, Geffen later finds Hugo's departed girlfriend and signs her to a three album deal as part of a duo with Courtney Love. Their album, "Wholey Falling To Pieces" becomes an anthem to the new generation that goes beyond simple body piercings and tattoos in a new phenomenon they call "discorporation," in which they...well, discorporate appendages to the sounds of Frank Zappa's "Discorporate and We'll Begin." Zappa's sales soar and he gets his own first Platinum seller. He rolls over in his grave.

But it all ends well, and everyone lives happily ever after, as Hugo and his green friend release a follow-up indie release on their own label, Wart Records, entitled Hugo & His Green Machine. The album not only goes 15x Platinum -- rivaling Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell" in international sales -- but makes a fortune in merchandising, as well.

It's amazing what you can get out of a video, isn't it? Just watch the video and tell me it ain't so...
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