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Underwater Opera

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Underwater Opera
on Sep 9, 2010 at 11:16:02 pm
Czech Republic
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Underwater Opera is one sample of our production work. This short video is sample of our diving experience during project "Escape to Nature".
Gold Medal for 2009 year of Underwater Video Contest Win [more]
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Re: Underwater Opera
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Your effects and music,are nicely synced to your underwater endeavor.I loved the strange creatures and the capturing of there interactions.Nice Work.

Re: Underwater Opera
by Johnny Coleman
This is One Awesome Video!!...#really
Re: Underwater Opera
by Niriha Hoarty
Excellent use of music. Very nice visuals. Probably would not use the fade to black as much so that the flow is not interrupted.

Re: Underwater Opera
by Tim Parsons
Some of the most visually stunning underwater footage I have ever seen. Well captured!

I was a tad confused by some sharp fade outs and apparent blank frames starting about half-way through...

But otherwise well-done!
Re: Underwater Opera
by Payneful Video
Particularly liked the audio edits, very clever for the knowledgeable divers out there! (ie the trumpets were very nice etc!)

Re: Underwater Opera
by Eddie Mylan
Nice work, enjoyed it
@Eddie Mylan
by Libor Spacek
Eddie, thank you, for more see at http://www,
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