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VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer

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VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 5:15:05 pm
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This is what i achieved after 20 exhausting hours of shooting on a green screen stage in Buenos Aires, in a single day. No budget at all; just me and some friends.
I composited, did the FX and everyt [more]
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Re: VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
by Bozhidar Atanasov
great job man.i suggest to edit sound and music from me .just send me a file with out music and soundFX.just voices on actors.
Re: VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
by Tim Wilson
Please please please - post the Making Of here at the COW too! Both are wonderful pieces.


Tim Wilson
Associate Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Creative COW Magazine
@Tim Wilson
by sebastian lopez
Hello TIM !
thank you so much.
going to post the making of soon.
just in case here's my blog

all the best.
Re: VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
by Mel Teruz
You can see the making of here:
It's awesome!

@Mel Teruz
by Jonathan Ziegler
Wow and wow again. I'm completely floored with what you did - I was expecting tons of 3D visuals, but I can clearly see you used a series of 2D effects to tremendous effect with only a few 3D visuals (the helicopter?). Thanks so much for this. I found it inspiring.

Jonathan Ziegler
Re: VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
by Jonathan Ziegler
Would love to see the making of or the incremental steps for this one. Impressive, visually stunning and compelling.

Jonathan Ziegler
Re: VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
by Jose Olivar
awesome work, major league material!!! wish i could get to that level!!
Strong composition..........
by Alex Epureanu-Buzera
Great compositor skills man.
by Nikos Tsimpetonidis
Though i'm not so expert to comment on the story of the movie, i can say that the VFX,SFX,music, the whole look, mood and feeling that it gives,surely makes you to want to whatch the film. Personally speaking, it turns up my curiosity, and impatience to see the movie,Great job! Keep up the good work!
My favorite of the bunch emailed!
by Larry Eisner
Yeah, it's a bit directionless, but as a pre-vis, and as a "world creator" it's excellent. I am totally entranced by the world, and considering the budget, I'm very interested of anything that comes from the project.

This trailer is definitely the front-runner of the bunch that were emailed to COW members.
Uncertain Antagonist, but Visually Stunning
by Jonathan Ziegler
Interesting visuals. I like the dark, dingy, dirty overall feel. A special effects movie to be sure (a la Sin City?). The story feels incomplete, though. The voiceover provides a link to the visuals, but because the visuals are individually stunning and not necessarily connected to one another, the trailer feels vague. For example, throughout the trailer you have the men in papier-mâché masks and an unknown man who is some kind of apparent protector. It seems the men in their masks are after the woman or the man or both and there is definitely some kind of war being waged. The voiceover doesn't fully cover the relationship there - it's from the perspective of the woman whose own consciousness is skewed and whose reality is altered. Since she doesn't mention the men in masks, one must assume that is what she is running from. Then again, I'm not sure she is running away or towards.

Beyond the story as portrayed in the trailer, I liked the opening visuals. A nice way of bringing you in and keeping you watching. The men in masks, while vague, have a distinctly sinister feel of vague features. The slow-motion scene with the male protagonist firing bullets into a car is a great special effects bit. The violence is prevalent, but not overdone and bloody. I get the idea the focus isn't on the violence so much as the story which is what I prefer.

Overall, a great trailer. Is it perfect? No. Does it make you want to see a final? Definitely!
Like Scott Keck, I find this one style over substance
by Ron Lindeboom
A beautiful piece of work when viewed as a pre-vis test for an idea. On that level, I'd give it a 5 just because it really is an excellent achievement when looked at for how it came about. But I have watched this one a few times now and I still have no idea what is happening here. On the level of presenting at least a recognizable part of the storyline, it doesn't work for me. So, all-in-all I'd give it 3-1/2 cows if I could, but because I can't give a half cow, I'll give it 3. But the pictures and the images are gorgeous!
Style over substance - but I'd hire you for post any time!
by Scott Keck
This trailer was brilliantly executed, in the technical realm. (While as an AE user I could spot a lot of COW and Video Copilot-inspired technics, they were all well done). However, content and style-wise, I couldn't put my finger on it. After watching several times it came to me: this is basically a compilation of several high-style music videos from the 80's and 90's (Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, etc.) and Blade Runner (the film), with a touch of The Matrix. The Oedipus complex component, as the woman's father(?) pushes her on the swing then becomes the faceless killer; the flash frames of her nude, chained; is this implied abuse? The rainy, rooftop redemption is also Blade-Runner-esque. Although a rear-view of the killer unmasking himself before he puts the gun to his head might have added something. Now to the VO. Sorry, mostly drivel. After a couple of views, I think I understood what you were trying to convey - the confusion, the loss of control; the feeling that your life/the world has been wrenched out of the familiar plane of reality and you are suddenly thrust into a bizarre psyco-trope beyond your senses' ability to comprehend. BUT, the circular and labored writing and the uninspired phrases only served to confuse the viewer. My advice: re-write the narration. Cut the number of words in half. There's too much droning on and on and it detracts from the images. (Now, that's a sticky point because the images are a bit weak and you teeter on being unable to SHOW us what's going on, so you had to lean on the narration to TELL us, not a good thing in a visual medium). But, get a really good writer to pare down the verbiage - and give what's remaining more impact. Use the combination of the images and a sparse VO to tantalize the viewer and draw them in. That's what's missing, for me, anyway. Right now I watch and think "hmm, pretty. But so what?" With the right narration, since you probably can't reshoot anything at this point, I think you would see a big jump in appreciation for this trailer. Again, all this is subjective. You're clearly hugely talented with the setups, camera work, and the post production. But keep in mind what most viewers want to see, and what draws them in, is this: Ordinary people, in Extraordinary circumstances. In the end it's not about the FX, the glitter, or the guns. It's about the relationships.
I surely love it
by Ome Sake
It looks great to me i think it's not so much for the story but about what you can do with a low budget.
Good student work. beyond pretentious.
by Saul Fairchild
Good student work. beyond pretentious. a technically sound exercise but conceptually and content wise - extremely weak and the models are too pretty with little if no acting skills.
by Loch Phillipps
Technically it is an achievement. But so are most movies these days. To me the images are overly familiar, though the zombies with their paper machete look and the bear costume are a bit surprising. The actors look like models.
I think some poster missed the point
by Scott Koué
I think some poster missed the point. This is a TRAILER contest not a film concept contest. Dumping about what you think the film will be about is completely beside the point, was the trailer well done? I think the answer is yes. It's the first one I've seen that I didn't think was too long. And NO a trailer is not supposed to tell you the story, it's supposed to intrigue you enough to get off your duff and go see the movie. This is not nec the kind of film I would go see but I was curious enough to want to. And it's a PREVIS trailer so the film isn't made yet. Who know if the story now is even the one that gets shot. But it made me want to see more.
Very good work - for whatever
by Axel Rogge
I didn´t get the story - but I like the trailer anyway. Color correction, compositing, SFX and VFX are very fine work imho.
The VO´s voice and way of speaking is perfect: depressive, sort of distant and helpless. That fits perfect to the picture´s atmosphere.
But helplessness is what I feel about the story. What sort of conflict will I see when I watch the movie? What´s it all about?
I would like to have a small hint about the main story, maybe in the VO, then I would give five cows.
Technically solid but...
by greg strange
i gotta agree with changeling... visually, this is SICK, but there is nothing here that makes me want to see more. i have absolutely NO idea what this is about. a trailer has to grab you in more ways than just something pretty to look at.
by Meli Ludmer
I would love to see the movie!!
VERTICAL - pre-vis trailer
by Sharon Suter
You have many skills!
Did not Like
by Loretta Billingsley
Sorry, thought it was pointless and vapid.
by Brian Berneker
Excellent job, even compared to something done with unlimited time! The visual style was very surreal and visually compelling, as well as the psychological suspense, fitting good storytelling.

Maybe I'm just too critical of voice overs, or it was something with your mic or recording environment, but something sounded less than flawless I can't quite put a finger on. There was one part where it (for a mere moment) seemed to drag.

The end part with creepy "papier maché head" guy reeks of giving away the ending, and the suspense is confused... (should we jump to our deaths in fear, or let him shoot himself?) Although this edit is largely a video montage, If there is some reason for this to be suspenseful, then perhaps some indication of empathy for the masked man could be implied?

Otherwise once again, major excellence here and nothing I would ever dream of doing better... I just happen to be good at picking nits.. which is somewhat the purpose of this excercise!
Love it
by zak peric
Very good. I can not wait to see it.
by Mel Teruz
Great trailer! Keep up the good work!
Excellent trailer!
by Rodrigo Puopolo
I love it! I want to see the film now!
by Andres Parmigiani
When is the premiere?
Amazing !
by Fede Puopolo

Is this for a real movie?

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